Can You Leave A Fridge Outside In The Winter Unplugged?

Should you’re shopping for a brand new fridge, you may be tempted to depart your previous fridge exterior unplugged through the winter. Nonetheless, leaving your gadget exterior within the winter whereas it’s unplugged may cause harm.

You possibly can depart your fridge exterior unplugged in winter, however it will likely be broken if left uncovered. Rain, snow, excessive temperatures or humidity can harm your fridge. Should you intend to depart your gadget exterior in temperatures above freezing, use a water-proof cowl. Producers advocate maintaining your gadget in areas between 50 and 95 levels Fahrenheit.

Understanding how your fridge works may also help you perceive how chilly temperatures can wreak havoc on it. You too can take steps to guard your gadget from the weather.

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How does a fridge work?

  • You set your fridge to a selected temperature.
  • The liquid refrigerant strikes via the refrigeration system and turns into vapor. This steam cools the inside of the fridge and your meals.
  • The compressor turns the vapor again right into a liquid and the method begins once more.

Essential elements of a fridge


The thermostat measures the temperature inside and out of doors the fridge. It turns the compressor on and off as wanted. When the ambient temperature is excessive, the thermostat will alarm the compressor to begin the cooling mechanism.


This important fridge part is on the forefront of the cooling course of. It strikes the refrigerant via the refrigeration system.

condenser and evaporator

Within the condenser, the refrigerant cools down and turns into liquid. The evaporator cools the within of the fridge and helps hold your perishables contemporary.

capillary tube

The condensed refrigerant travels via the capillary tube on its technique to the evaporator.

What ambient temperature is suitable for fridges?

On the whole, any temperature under freezing (32 levels Fahrenheit) may cause harm to your fridge. Nonetheless, most fridges cease working under 35 levels Fahrenheit.

Moreover, most producers advocate storing fridges in rooms the place the temperature is between 50 and 95 levels Fahrenheit.

When the surface air is cooler than the within air, your gadget thinks it would not want to chill its contents. In reality, objects inside can begin to thaw. That is dangerous information for meals like meat and dairy.

Fridges aren’t designed to warmth the encompassing exterior air, so their capability to manage temperature is compromised. Even when your freezer compartment stays frozen, the fridge compartment could start to thaw. The thermostat thinks it has already reached the optimum temperature because of the chilly exterior air.

What harm do fridges undergo outdoor?

Your tools elements could undergo in extraordinarily chilly or moist circumstances.


  • energy twine
  • wires
  • management board


  • Tube
  • valves
  • compressor
  • Thermostat malfunction


What to do to organize my storage freezer for the winter?

There are a number of methods to winterize your storage to maintain your fridge and/or freezer protected.

Set up a heating factor subsequent to the thermostat

  • house heater: Put a heater subsequent to your fridge to trick your thermostat into pondering it is hotter than it truly is exterior.
  • heating coil: Set up a heating coil across the fridge thermostat to make sure that the fridge doesn’t break down in winter. Many fridge producers provide brand-specific heating coils. Normal coils are additionally obtainable in {hardware} shops and electronics shops.
  • work lamp: A conveyable work gentle with a clamp mount and gooseneck may be useful. Place it reverse the thermostat. That bit of warmth can heat the air round your thermostat.

Insulate your storage

If you wish to cold-proof your storage, you’ll be able to insulate it with fiberglass panels and drywall. This complete course of could require extra planning than merely including a heating factor to your storage.

You’ll want to seal any cracks, gaps, or holes within the wall or doorways. As soon as your storage is insulated, your tools is protected against freezing drafts and temperatures.

Put money into a more recent mannequin

Twin-zone fridge-freezers could also be the most effective match to your storage. That means, even when one shuts down because of freezing temperatures, the opposite will nonetheless work.

These fashions are additionally designed to face up to the erratic temperatures it’s possible you’ll expertise year-round.

Disconnect the water traces

In case your storage fridge is related to a water provide, you’ll be able to flip this function off for the winter. You too can insulate the connector to make sure the water would not freeze in sub-zero temperatures. This may result in cracked or damaged pipes.

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associated questions

Ought to I unplug my storage fridge in winter?

In case your storage is not insulated and you do not have heating, sure. You’ll want to unplug and disconnect all water provides. In case your storage is is insulated or outfitted with a heater, no.

These tips apply to winter climates the place temperatures can drop under freezing.

Is it okay to unplug a fridge for a month?

Sure. Should you’re occurring trip for a month or extra, you’ll be able to depart your fridge unpowered throughout your absence. Ensure there aren’t any perishables inside and clear the surfaces completely.

Unplug it from the wall, particularly if it is related to a water line, so it would not produce ice or water. If ice or frost has accrued, let it thaw and wipe up extra water.

Go away fridge and freezer doorways open to keep away from odor or mould build-up. Opening doorways additionally encourages airflow. Extreme moisture can harm electrical elements.

Do fridges not work in chilly climate?

In temperatures under freezing, fridges could cease working. The fridge thermostat thinks the within temperature is cool sufficient for the reason that exterior air is chilly. It could possibly then cease refrigerating your meals.

Generally, in case your storage is unheated, your fridge or freezer will not be working. The precise minimal temperature for fridges varies by firm. Nonetheless, most fridge producers advise towards leaving items in rooms which might be 50 levels Fahrenheit or under.

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