Can You Put A 2×4 In A Woodchipper? (Find Out Now!)

Wooden chippers have been an necessary a part of the backyard cleansing arsenal for years, and these highly effective machines make working with small branches, backyard clippings, branches and brushwood simpler. Some wooden chippers also have a shredding perform, and these wooden chippers can shred leaves.

Certain, it is common to see brushwood and fallen branches by a wooden chipper, however what about boards? For instance, can a 2×4 be pushed by a wooden chipper? That’s the query this text solutions.

No, you shouldn’t pack 2x4s in a wooden chipper as this will harm the machine and likewise void the guarantee. Wooden chippers are usually not designed to deal with wooden, particularly when it’s strain handled. If you could eliminate 2x4s, contemplate repurposing them or promoting them at a reduction. There are all the time markets for brand new and reclaimed wooden.

How does a wooden chipper work?

Wooden chippers might appear to be sophisticated machines from the skin, and this perceived complexity can also be as a consequence of the truth that these machines are highly effective, noisy and geared up with sharp elements. In actuality, a wooden chipper consists of just some easy mechanisms. And when all these mechanisms work collectively, the result’s a machine that makes eradicating backyard waste straightforward.

Wooden chips: From begin to end

The wooden chipper’s crankshaft is pushed by the engine. The crankshaft is connected to the clutch and this latter part can both transfer the drive belt or make sure the system continues to be. When the engine produces 1,600 rpm or extra, the clutch engages the drive belt and causes it to rotate.

The impeller, which is supplied with a cleaver, is connected to the drive belt. When backyard waste is loaded into the wooden chipper, it first comes into contact with the impeller and the chipper blade. These elements break down the waste. There are additionally ribs on the again of the impeller and these ribs – together with the airflow from the machine’s air vents – push the shredded backyard waste out of the chute.

Residential vs. business wooden chipper

Whereas most wooden chippers nonetheless run on gasoline, there are some electrical fashions. Wooden chippers supposed for residential use usually have horsepower within the low double digits, whereas business wooden chippers usually have 200 horsepower or extra.

There actually is not any want for a house owner to ever personal such a strong machine. Many small farmers and hectare house owners swear by non-public wooden chippers.

Are you able to stick a 2×4 in a wooden chipper?

Whilst you can match a 2×4 right into a wooden chipper, that is something however frequent. Many 2×4 automobiles are constructed from strain handled wooden and this kind of wooden ought to undoubtedly be saved out of the wooden chipper. Stress-treated wooden accommodates chromated copper arsenate (CCA) and inhaling the mud that will consequence from chopping this wooden will be dangerous.

Additionally, business lumber is mostly troublesome to chop by, so having your wooden chipper minimize by this wooden can harm the machine and void the guarantee you will have on it. There are simpler methods to eliminate 2x4s. There’s all the time a marketplace for wooden, whether or not new or reused.

Simply since you need to eliminate a 2×4 does not imply you need to put your wooden chipper in danger. Due to this fact, in case you are trying to dump 2x4s, search for inexpensive choices.

What’s allowed in a wooden chipper?

Beneath are some things that may be simply run by a wooden chipper. Nevertheless, do not forget that you need to seek the advice of your guide earlier than placing something within the wooden chipper.

The guide specifies what’s allowed within the wooden chipper and what’s not. If one thing listed beneath is rated as woodchipper secure – however your guide says you need to keep away from placing it within the woodchipper – play it secure and belief the guide’s advice.

moist wooden

Right here I’m referring to moist branches, branches and scrub. I’m not referring to moist wooden as there can be disastrous outcomes to place this within the wooden chipper.

Normally, slicing moist wooden is extra of a problem for a wooden chipper, particularly if the wooden chipper is powered by electrical energy. So in case you are chopping contemporary wooden that’s usually moist you need to trim the wooden as this can make sure the machine can deal with no matter is put by it.

Pushing moist wooden by the wooden chipper is typically unavoidable. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be thought of frequent apply to place moist wooden by the wooden chipper. Look ahead to the wooden to dry at the very least a little bit earlier than placing it by the wooden chipper.


Many householders get away their wooden chippers within the fall since that’s peak yard waste season. No fall panorama is full with out acorns scattered all through, however usually owners need to eliminate these pesky nuts the identical method they eliminate different backyard particles.

Sure, acorns can go into the wooden chipper, however it’s important to watch out earlier than you try this. Acorns do not all the time crumble simply, and typically the woodcutter’s heavy blades can flip an acorn right into a projectile. The machine can deflect the acorn because it enters the hopper and in case you are not cautious you possibly can be hit within the head or physique by the acorn being thrown again.

Do not put acorns in a wooden chipper, put them in a shredder. As already talked about, some wooden chippers are geared up with a particular shredder.


You possibly can put pine cones by the wooden chipper and there will probably be no issues. Actually, crushed pine cones make good compost.

Simply be sure to put on a mud masks when placing pine cones by the wooden chipper as a positive pine mud is created because the pine cones undergo the machine. Lastly, be sure to clear the blades afterwards to take away any leftover pine sap.

pine branches

Similar to pine cones, pine branches will also be shredded by a wooden chipper or chipper. Simply be sure to clear the wooden chipper after placing pine branches in, as they comprise much more sap than pine cones. Pine sap, when it builds up, can sluggish blades and uninteresting them over time.

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