Can You Put An Air Conditioner Sideways In A Window? (Find Out Now!)

Creativity is a superb factor when tackling issues or tackling initiatives round your house. Somewhat considering exterior the field can typically result in distinctive and attention-grabbing methods to make your house stand out. Some owners marvel if it is potential to side-install a window air conditioner to suit an uncommon area or opening.

Window air conditioners ought to by no means be put in apart from as specified by the producer within the set up directions. Putting in a window air conditioner on the facet could cause main issues, as much as and together with complete air conditioner failure. Ignoring the producer’s directions will nearly actually void your AC unit’s guarantee.

Most producers embrace particular directions on how and the place to put in a window air conditioner. The best way these window air conditioners work makes it crucial that sure circumstances are met throughout set up. One of the necessary is that the air conditioner is put in upright, flat and degree.

Do you want an put in window air conditioner?

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Why does my AC unit have to be upright and degree?

The necessity for a window air conditioner to face upright and degree is immediately associated to how the air conditioner works. There are a number of the explanation why the unit ought to be put in upright and degree for correct operation.

You may harm the compressor

The compressor is the guts of your window air conditioner. Your air conditioner works by compressing refrigerant gasoline after which quickly increasing it in a sequence of coils. This increasing gasoline cools and absorbs warmth from the air blowing over the coils.

The compressor additionally incorporates lubricants that hold the compressor working effectively. If the compressor is tipped on its facet, the lubricants can get into the refrigerant traces and forestall the refrigerant gases from shifting by the coils. The compressor might also not get the lubrication it wants, resulting in compressor failure.

Injury to the compressor mounts

The compressor itself is mounted on shock absorbers that scale back vibration when the air con is working. By tipping the air conditioner on its facet, the compressor hangs on these brackets as an alternative of resting the load on the brackets. The brackets are usually not designed to help this weight on this place.

The brackets fail shortly and in some circumstances drop the compressor, damaging the refrigerant traces and probably {the electrical} connections. For probably the most economical and environment friendly operation, the compressor should sit flat and degree on the brackets.

condensation issues

When heat, humid air from your house blows throughout the coils, the moisture within the air collects as condensate. Window air conditioners have a drain pan beneath the coils to direct collected water out of your house.

In case you place your window air conditioner vertically, the condensate assortment tray is not positioned beneath the registers. The water that collects on the coils drips into the air conditioner as an alternative of being channeled exterior. In some circumstances, the condensate can really run into your house and trigger issues with mould and mildew

Extra water issues

The housing of your window air conditioner is designed to maintain the skin climate out. The highest of the case is designed to empty rainwater. The window air conditioner vents are positioned on the edges to guard in opposition to rainwater ingress.

Turning your air conditioner on its facet locations the facet vents up the place rainwater and different particles can simply enter. If the rainwater can get into the air conditioner case, it may possibly additionally drip and run into your house.

Injury to the housing and brackets of the air conditioner

The mounting system along with your window air conditioner ought to sit within the window or different opening in a selected method. Window air conditioners are heavy and should be correctly supported by your house’s construction and mount. Turning an air conditioner bracket on its facet introduces stresses that the air conditioner and bracket are usually not designed to face up to.

These stresses could cause the bracket to fail or the air conditioner housing to twist or warp. If the air conditioner mount doesn’t correctly switch the load load to the elements of your house, the load can harm your house as effectively.

What are the potential options?

Fortunately, there are a number of viable options when a standard air conditioner mount would not work in your area. You may take into account considered one of these choices as an alternative of attempting to mount a window air conditioner vertically.

Select one other air conditioner

Producers know that not everybody has the proper window to put an air conditioner. Most producers now supply totally different sizes and types of air conditioners that may be adjusted to suit a wide range of window sizes and orientations.

Make slightly inventive building

In case you reside in a timber body house, one possibility is so as to add a bigger window. This offers you many optimistic choices to your house.

  • You’ll obtain the right dimension opening to your window air conditioner to make sure it performs as designed.
  • Putting in a brand new, bigger window typically leads to vitality financial savings. Putting in a brand new high-efficiency window unit can scale back your heating and cooling payments.
  • A bigger window can let extra mild into your inside area and produce a brand new really feel to your house and make the area extra livable.

This answer works effectively for timber body constructions with cladding. Nevertheless, for brick veneer houses, this answer requires much more work and often hiring a mason to make the opening. Additionally, if you happen to lease out your house, it’s best to by no means make any structural adjustments with out your landlord’s permission.

Undergo the wall as an alternative of the window

Some owners select to have a gap on an outdoor wall, notably for his or her window air conditioner. This gives a clear and efficient answer. You may select the place to put the air conditioner for the very best outcomes. By-wall mounting additionally retains your home windows away from obstructions.

Typically, we advocate hiring a contractor to create a gap to your air conditioner. Slicing or shifting structural members on the body of your house requires particular abilities. Not at all do you need to harm the soundness of your home.

Do you want an put in window air conditioner?

Obtain free, no-obligation quotes from skilled contractors close to you.


An accurate set up is the one approach to go

Following the producer’s directions, putting in your window air conditioner is the one surefire method to make sure your air conditioner is working correctly. In any case, in case your AC unit is new, the guarantee requires that you just set up the unit in keeping with the producer’s directions. Don’t jeopardize your guarantee and your funding.

Dennis Howard

Dennis is a retired firefighter with an in depth background in building, house enchancment and reworking. He labored part-time within the trades whereas serving as an energetic responsibility firefighter. After his retirement he began a transforming and residential restore enterprise which he ran for a number of years.