Can You Put Butane In A Propane Torch? (Find Out Now!)

For those who’ve ever welded your self, you are aware of torches. There are various kinds of flashlights available on the market as we speak and plenty of fuels are used to energy flashlights. As well as, some flashlights generate extraordinarily excessive warmth, whereas others generate warmth that’s nonetheless excessive however much less intense.

Other than particular flares used for particular duties, the 2 most typical flares are butane fueled flares and propane fueled flares. As a result of each kinds of burners are so widespread, folks typically ask if butane might be put in a propane burner. That’s the major query that this text solutions.

Sure, you possibly can put butane in a propane torch, however it actually does not do a lot good. If you wish to benefit from the propane burner form, that is positive. Even so, you must as an alternative have two separate burners, one butane and one propane. That means you do not combine accelerators and make a large number within the course of.

Butane vs Propane

Whereas butane and propane torches are used for primarily the identical function, there are some notable variations between the 2 torches. These variations are defined within the following part. Undergo them so you realize which burner is finest for the job at hand.

warmth era

When butane is ignited, it may possibly attain a most temperature of about 2,400°F. Propane, alternatively, can get as sizzling as 3,600°F when ignited. Butane torches are sufficient for many residence welding jobs, but when your job requires extra warmth, a propane torch will help.


Butane fuel torches and propane fuel torches could operate equally, however they aren’t formed the identical. A propane torch has an inturned head whereas a butane torch has a straight head.

The propane torch is formed to focus the flame nearer to the fabric. The nearer the flame is to the fabric, the extra exact the torch might be. The next focus additionally will increase the temperature. Then again, utilizing a flashlight from distant will decrease the temperature of the flame.

In contrast to propane torches, butane torches are geared up with a set off and this part can alter how a lot warmth is generated.

Normal Makes use of

As a result of butane torches are extra compact and moveable, they’re used to simply do most welding jobs at residence. Nonetheless, some duties require extraordinarily excessive warmth, and for these duties it’s best to make use of a propane torch.

A butane torch can solder metals reminiscent of silver, dry moist clay and cement, and successfully shrink tubing and wire. And in terms of comfort, trendy butane fuel burners are second to none. To make use of a propane lamp, you would want to hold the propane cylinder like a backpack or maintain it with one hand.

Due to the excessive warmth and precision of the flame, you must actually solely use a propane torch when welding heavy metals. However there are occasions at residence when using this flashlight could also be essential.

Particular Makes use of

Because the butane torch is extra sensible than the propane torch, it may very well be mentioned that the butane torch is superior. However that is to not say the propane lamp is ineffective. It is simply that you are able to do much more with a butane torch.

Maintain this in thoughts when a chef makes use of a butane torch to mild the sugar on prime of a dessert, as is the case with crème brûlée. Propane torches, alternatively, can be utilized within the backyard, and a few declare that these instruments are a lot better at killing weeds than chemical substances.

Why butane and propane are used

Whereas butane and propane torches each generate extraordinarily excessive warmth, butane is a clear gas, which implies it does not launch as a lot carbon monoxide into the air when it burns. Nonetheless, extended publicity to the fumes might be harmful.

For those who tackle a big welding job, it’s best to do it outside. However do not attempt to weld exterior when it is too chilly, as butane fuel torches do not work nicely within the chilly. The boiling level of butane is round 30.2°F. So if the temperature is decrease, the fuel won’t ignite. Propane, alternatively, has a boiling level of -43.6 °F.

welding metallic

Each torches can be utilized to weld metallic. Though propane torches are finest for welding heavy metallic, that does not imply you possibly can’t use a butane torch to weld heavy metallic. You may, it simply takes longer and you must weld in a selected means.


Each burners are additionally good at soldering. Soldering means connecting two items of metallic, however wires and circuits can be soldered. In fact, soldering small wires is a job finest left to the butane torch, because the propane torch may really soften the wires; even its flame can be too nice.

Loosen caught nuts

If you’re coping with a caught nut, you possibly can warmth the bolt as this can possible loosen the nut simply. Simply be sure you do not overheat the nut as an excessive amount of warmth may cause it to crack.

Sweaty Pipes

For those who’re doing a plumbing venture and must sweat pipes and/or be part of metallic fittings, utilizing a flashlight is a good suggestion. You should utilize a propane torch to get this finished rapidly, or a butane torch in case you are unfamiliar with utilizing a propane torch. In fact, the latter flare lasts longer.

Prepare dinner

Butane is usually utilized by cooks, and never simply to brown desserts earlier than serving. A butane torch can be used to sear meat.

Fastening jewellery

And if you wish to put jewellery again collectively, utilizing butane is an efficient transfer. Butane fuel torches work nicely on smooth metals like gold, silver, and copper.

If you’re coping with alloyed metals, think about using a propane torch. It’s because propane can get hotter than butane and melting alloy metals requires very excessive warmth.

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