Can You Put Plastic In An Air Fryer? (Find Out Now!)

The air fryer is a comparatively new invention that has rapidly turn into one of the widespread home equipment in American properties. Nevertheless, many individuals are uncertain of what’s allowed to be positioned within the deep fryer. Can you place plastic in an air fryer?

You shouldn’t put plastic in an air fryer because it has a decrease melting level and can dissolve inside. Burning plastic releases toxins like BPA, mercury, and furans that may trigger hormonal imbalances and even most cancers. Different supplies appropriate for air fryers embody ceramic, glass, and aluminum foil.

Learn on to be taught if it is secure to place plastic in an air fryer and different supplies that can be utilized in it. As well as, we cowl whether or not or not an air fryer might be cleaned within the dishwasher!

Is it secure to place plastic in an air fryer?

Air fryers sometimes have a number of plastic elements, however is it secure to retailer this materials inside?

The brief reply isn’t any; It’s not secure to place plastic in an air fryer. This is applicable to all varieties of plastic (sure, even microwavable gadgets). Though sure plastics can face up to microwave radiation, they don’t seem to be sturdy sufficient to deal with oven-like warmth.

Plastic has a reasonably low melting level, and air fryers warmth as much as 300 to 400 levels Fahrenheit. That signifies that should you put plastic within the fryer, it is prone to soften and launch dangerous toxins into the air.

Dangers related to melting plastic

Plastics include every kind of dangerous and endocrine disrupting chemical compounds, together with poisonous gases similar to:

  • furans
  • dioxins
  • mercury
  • BCPs (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • BPA (Bisphenol A)

After we ingest any of the poisonous substances talked about above, they’ll trigger all kinds of well being issues resulting in critical situations like most cancers or infertility.

As well as, when launched into the air, these toxins may cause extreme respiratory issues and injury our planet’s ambiance. To keep away from these destructive reactions, it is best to stay to air fryer-approved supplies.

We’ll get into extra element beneath.

What Supplies Can You Put in an Air Fryer?

Whereas plastic is a giant no-go, there are different varieties of dishes which are secure to make use of in an air fryer.

Authorised supplies for many sizzling air fryers are:

  • aluminum foil
  • parchment paper
  • toothpick
  • glass or pyrex
  • pottery
  • iron pans
  • stole

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a good air fry possibility as a result of it would not stick and would not soften like plastic. Plus, it is an inexpensive materials that you should utilize everytime you need to cowl a dish or prepare dinner your veggies in an included sauce.

Simply be sure the foil is not wrinkled and fully covers no matter you are air frying. If there are gaps, the meals will prepare dinner erratically.

parchment paper

Parchment paper is an efficient different to foil as a result of it is non-toxic and non-stick. In case your air fryer would not include an insert, this can be a nice materials.

Make sure that the parchment paper is not too massive, or it might not match within the fryer. You’ll be able to at all times crop it if wanted.


Toothpicks are excellent for frying small finger meals like shrimp or hen nuggets. In case you use picket toothpicks, be sure they’re meals secure and don’t splinter!

glass or pyrex

Glass or Pyrex bowls are the right selection for air frying as a result of they’ll face up to excessive temperatures with out cracking or shattering.

Nevertheless, you will need to observe that you need to by no means place a sizzling glass bowl in chilly water after heating – this may trigger the glass to shatter as a result of thermal shock.


Ceramic is one other appropriate materials for air frying as a result of it would not conduct warmth very properly. This implies your meals would not overcook the surface whereas the within stays undercooked.

iron pans

An iron skillet is straightforward to place in an air fryer as a result of it distributes warmth evenly and would not include any dangerous toxins.

It’s going to in all probability be tough to discover a frying pan sufficiently small to slot in your deep fryer, however should you do – go for it! Simply avoid pans that produce other elements on the handles, similar to e.g. plastic.


Metal is one other secure steel to make use of in an air fryer. However it will likely be sizzling! Use oven mitts when eradicating your meals.

Whereas most of these things are appropriate for air fryers, not all of those supplies are permitted to be used with each sort of air fryer. You’ll want to examine your machine handbook for particular directions.

Can you place an air fryer within the dishwasher?

You’ll be able to put many elements of the air fryer within the dishwasher, however undoubtedly not your entire equipment. In case you soil electrical elements or the outside of the fryer itself, clear it manually with a moist fabric; By no means submerge them in water.

Components of an air fryer that may be cleaned within the dishwasher embody:

All the time seek the advice of your proprietor’s handbook first to 100% assure this can be a secure apply. Not all sizzling air fryers have the identical necessities.

associated questions

Is an air fryer wholesome?

That is dependent upon what you place in it! Sizzling air fryers are perfect for making ready a lot of dishes rapidly. It’s because the air fryer makes use of sizzling air for cooking as an alternative of oil, making it a more healthy different to frying.

Placing hen nuggets in it will not be good for you, however it will probably prepare dinner them with much less oil (and due to this fact much less fats). This decreases the variety of residual energy you’ll eat.

Can air fryers toast bread?

Sure, you’ll be able to toast bread in an air fryer, and it is often fairly fast (about 3 minutes).

The trick is to position a slice or as many items on the underside of the fryer at a time. In case you layer them, the slices can’t be toasted correctly.

Can air fryers make popcorn?

That is truly an effective way to make a more healthy model of do-it-yourself popcorn!

Merely toss the kernels into the air fryer basket for 3-5 minutes and watch the magic occur. Add butter and spices after the popcorn pops.

Ultimate Ideas

Keep away from placing plastic within the air fryer because it has a decrease melting level and dangers introducing harmful toxins into your meals.

Parchment paper and aluminum foil are appropriate alternate options, however at all times seek the advice of the corporate’s suggestions earlier than making an attempt something new in your machine!

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