Can You Put Starbucks Cups In The Microwave? (Find Out Now!)

Begin the day without work proper with a morning run to Starbucks. In case you order the Venti measurement, this espresso drink will even final you all day. Sadly, it solely stays scorching for thus lengthy.

So what to do in case your espresso drink cools down too shortly? Are you able to reheat your Starbucks drink within the microwave?

Sadly, Starbucks disposable cups should not microwaveable. Most paper espresso cups, together with these at Starbucks, are lined with plastic to make the cup extra watertight. Whereas these mugs can stand up to the temperatures of scorching espresso, they cannot stand up to the warmth of a microwave. In case you put a Starbucks paper cup within the microwave, the liner might soften in your drink or the glue might come unfastened.

We’ll clarify why reheating a Starbucks drink in a disposable cup is not a good suggestion, and in addition let you know safely reheat your espresso.

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The Making of a Starbucks Cup

You’ll have observed the “Do Not Microwave” warning on a Starbucks disposable cup. Starbucks paper cups are designed to face up to the temperatures of your scorching espresso, however energetic heating is an entire new ball of wax! Whereas some Reddit customers might ignore this warning, the label was positioned there for a motive.

Starbucks disposable cups have a paper exterior made out of 10% recycled fiber. Nevertheless, paper alone will not be waterproof sufficient to carry your espresso. To stop your scorching espresso from seeping by your Starbucks mug, the within of the mug is lined with a skinny plastic coating. This waterproof polyethylene liner permits you to drink espresso out of paper.

Nevertheless, that is additionally the explanation why you shouldn’t put this mug within the microwave. The plastic liner additionally prevents you from successfully recycling your Starbucks mug. Nevertheless, that’s one other dialogue for one more day.

What occurs if you put a Starbucks paper cup within the microwave

Microwaving your paper takeaway cup can soften the liner and adhesive and/or kind harmful toxins. At greatest, you may discover a slight plastic style in your drink if you microwave it. Nevertheless, they might have extra severe penalties. The to-go cup can truly catch fireplace in your microwave. Or the glue that holds the seams of your mug collectively can break down. No one needs to finish up with a spherical of scorching espresso. Ouch!

Which Starbucks mugs are microwave protected?

Whenever you need to heat up your espresso, your to-go paper cup is out. A lot of Starbucks reusable cups can change into microwave. In lots of shops, you possibly can even save a number of cents in your order by utilizing a reusable cup.

Some Starbucks mugs which might be protected for warming up scorching drinks are:

  • Colour altering scorching cups
  • ceramic mug
  • journey mug
  • glass mug

Nevertheless, not each reusable Starbucks mug is microwave protected. Colour-changing cups for chilly drinks, for instance, should not appropriate to be used within the microwave. Test the underside of your cup or mug earlier than placing it within the microwave. Most mugs and mugs have a word from the producer telling you whether or not or not they can be utilized within the microwave. Additionally keep in mind to take away the lids earlier than microwave your mug.

Learn how to reheat Starbucks espresso within the microwave

If you did not have time to drink your entire espresso earlier than it cooled, you possibly can reheat your espresso. Simply ensure the drink hasn’t been left within the time-temperature hazard zone for too lengthy. In case your drink comprises milk and has been at room temperature for greater than 2 hours, you could simply have to depend your losses and brew a brand new cup.

Listed below are some tips about reheat your Starbucks espresso and protect as a lot taste as attainable:

  • Step 1: Pour your drink right into a microwave-safe mug to reheat within the microwave.
  • Step 2: Set your microwave to medium-high warmth.
  • Step 3: Warmth your espresso beverage for about 45 seconds.
  • Step 4: In case your espresso will not be scorching sufficient in your style, proceed heating for 30 seconds.
  • Step 5: Proceed heating in 30-second increments till your drink has reached the specified temperature.


Do not boil your drink

Brewing a espresso beverage can over-extract or burn your beverage. Additionally, milk in your drink can curdle at excessive temperatures. Higher to warmth slowly and retain as a lot taste as attainable.

Ice cream is sweet too

Warming up your drink can negatively have an effect on the style of your espresso. As an alternative, you possibly can add a number of ice cubes to your cup to reinterpret your favourite drink. You do not even have to alter your cup for this technique!


Do not forget that liquids can get scorching within the microwave overheated in a number of seconds. Superheated liquid is a liquid that has reached a temperature above the boiling level. It seems nonetheless on the floor, however for those who transfer the cup, the liquid can explode. This will trigger extreme burns. One of the simplest ways to securely warmth espresso within the microwave is to test the warmth of your drink now and again.

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associated questions

Can I warmth glass mugs within the microwave?

If glassware is oven protected, it’s also microwave protected. Nevertheless, many common glass mugs should not warmth resistant and might crack or break when uncovered to warmth. Additionally, glasses with gold or silver rims should not microwaveable. Typically the underside of the glass will say whether or not it’s microwaveable or not.

Are Starbucks cups recyclable?

Most paper espresso mugs, together with these at Starbucks, have a plastic liner to maintain the espresso inside. This implies they aren’t absolutely recyclable. In 2020, Starbucks ran a trial of cups lined with natural PBS that might be recycled or composted. Starbucks additionally plans to supply reusable beverage cups in Europe, the Center East and Africa. Prospects would pay a deposit once they purchased their favourite drink and get the deposit again once they returned the cup.

The place can I order a reusable Starbucks cup?

Starbucks now not has a web based retailer, however you should purchase reusable cups and mugs at Starbucks shops. You’ll be able to test your Starbucks app to see what mugs your native retailer shares. Some shops like Walmart and Goal carry Starbucks mugs each in-store and on-line, or you possibly can order a mug on-line from Amazon.

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