Can You Wash A Roomba Filter? (Find Out Now!)

I do not find out about you, however I despise vacuuming. Fortunately, in an effort to stay just like the Jetsons, somebody invented the Roomba. Now we will clear our home with out a lot effort!

Identical to common vacuums, Roombas have filters and canisters that want common cleansing. This begs the query: are you able to wash a Roomba filter? There may be some conflicting data on the topic.

Based on iRobot, Roomba filters shouldn’t be washed. Any liquid that comes into contact with it may injury Roomba. They counsel tapping the filter or utilizing an air compressor to eliminate filth.

Some sources state that it is okay to scrub a Roomba filter — however solely with water. And you must wait till the filter is totally dry earlier than placing it again.

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Causes to not wash a Roomba filter

If you consider it, washing a Roomba filter does not make a lot sense. Water and electronics do not combine. iRobot, the makers of Roomba, state on their web site that Roomba “Filters will not be supposed to be washed or come into contact with liquids.”

They assume folks would reinstall the filters earlier than they have been fully dry. And if liquid will get into the interior system, Roomba could possibly be broken. It is that water and electronics factor.

To be on the protected facet, iRobot recommends another, water-free cleansing methodology.

clear the Roomba filter

  1. Find the trash can icon in your Roomba and press the trash can lid launch.
  2. Raise out the trash can and throw any residue right into a trash can.
  3. There’s a door on the container the place the filter is positioned. Open it up and take away the filter (or filters, relying on the Roomba mannequin).
  4. Faucet your trash can with the filter to take away particles
  5. At this level, you need to use an air compressor to take away cussed residue or present a extra thorough clear. Be aware: Introduce the air from a protected distance to keep away from damaging the filter.
  6. Reinstall the filter and shut the door. If the filter is put in incorrectly, the door is not going to shut.
  7. Place the bin again into Roomba.

iRobot recommends emptying the bin after every use to keep away from clogging. This may guarantee your Roomba runs effectively. When you discover your Roomba shedding suction, it is in all probability as a result of a full bin.

Cleansing a Roomba filter with water

There are these on the “Clear It with Water” workforce, which matches immediately in opposition to iRobot’s solutions. When you insist that tapping is just not sufficient, you’ll be able to clear the filter with water at will.

However even those that say it is okay to scrub the filter warn: Clear the filter with water solely. And let it dry fully earlier than reinstalling. (Do not forget that water and electronics factor we talked about?)

When you plan to maintain utilizing your Roomba, for the love of Pete, let the filter dry!

Roomba filter care and upkeep

iRobot suggests cleansing the filter (utilizing the tapping methodology) weekly. When you have pets, they advocate cleansing the filter Twice per week. Not solely does pet hair clog the filter sooner, Roomba filters additionally seize 99% of pet hair.

Along with pets, chances are you’ll wish to clear the filter extra steadily in case you have kids or stay with a number of folks. Dust and dirt inevitably accumulate sooner in these conditions.

As for filter altering, iRobot recommends customers to alter their filters each 2 months. It’s attainable that you’ll have to change it sooner. That is very true should you discover it troublesome to empty the bin and clear the filters on the really helpful frequency.

Nevertheless, you could possibly use the filter for greater than 2 months in case you are meticulous about your cleansing strategies.

associated questions

Do you continue to have questions concerning the care and use of your Roomba? You’re in the fitting place! Beneath are some extra questions Roomba customers have requested.

Are you able to wash a Roomba trash can?

It is okay to scrub a Roomba trash bin, however solely by hand and solely after eradicating the filter. They don’t seem to be dishwasher protected. As an alternative, simply rinse the containers with heat water. Higher but, you may strive a humid material to select up residue.

Why is not my Roomba selecting up filth?

Like an everyday vacuum, Roombas will cease selecting up filth if their brushes or filters aren’t correctly maintained. Brushes and filters clogged with filth and hair can not perform correctly. Change the filter each 2 months and the brushes each 6-12 months.

Just like the filters, the brushes must be cleaned a couple of times per week, relying on how soiled your family is.

Is it dangerous to go away Roomba operating day by day?

Leaving the Roomba operating day by day is completely positive. How typically you run it will depend on the quantity of filth and dirt produced in your house. When you have pets and kids, you’ll in all probability run it a number of occasions per week.

Can a Roomba be used on carpets?

A very long time in the past, Roombas have been solely meant for hardwood flooring. Since then, they’ve upped their sucking sport. Now they can be utilized on each hardwood flooring and carpets.

Nevertheless, their really helpful use is just for short-pile or high-pile carpets. The Roomba tends to get caught on lengthy fibers. Moreover, utilizing a Roomba on carpeted surfaces is just not really helpful.

Do you want a cleansing service?

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in abstract

On the advice of the Roomba makers, you shouldn’t wash the filter. Accepted cleansing strategies embody tapping the filter in opposition to your trash can or blowing it out with an air compressor from a protected distance.

In fact, there are conflicting directions that say it is protected to scrub a Roomba filter with water solely. When you comply with this methodology, which iRobot doesn’t advocate, anticipate the filter to dry fully. Changing a moist or damp filter may doubtless injury your Roomba.

You understand the place iRobot stands, and we’re extra inclined to agree with the producer. Nevertheless, the selection is yours. Proceed with warning.

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