Can You Wash A Shredded Memory Foam Pillow? (Find Out Now!)

Lately, reminiscence foam has turn out to be the pillow materials of selection as a consequence of its sturdiness. Reminiscence foam pillows might be both a strong piece or shredded items of froth.

Should you’ve not too long ago switched to shredded reminiscence foam pillows, you is perhaps questioning if they are often washed. Common pillows are changed so typically that you could be by no means have thought to scrub them.

Shredded reminiscence foam pillows might be hand or machine washed with delicate detergent. It is vital to verify your pillow’s label for care directions, nonetheless, as some are hand-wash solely. Some pillows might be tumble dried on the bottom setting.

Why clear your pillow?

Positive, we clear our pillowcases, however do we actually want to wash our pillows? You’ll positively do this! The pillowcase solely protects a lot.

Do you sneeze, cough or sweat whereas mendacity in your pillow? Let’s not faux you by no means wakened with a drool stain. Filth, micro organism, pores and skin cells, oils, and even bugs all discover their means into our pillow. And the longer we do not wash, the extra pathogens and allergens accumulate, which is detrimental to our well being.

Shredded reminiscence foam pillows aren’t any exception. As You wash them depends upon what their label suggests.

Hand wash shredded reminiscence foam pillows

Hand wash is advisable for sure reminiscence foam pillows. Even when your pillow is constituted of shredded reminiscence foam, it is nonetheless reminiscence foam. Subsequently, particular care is required to take care of its lengthy life. Even when your pillow is mechanically cleanable, you’ll be able to hand wash it as a precaution.

Step 1: Wash

First take away the pillowcase and wash individually. Discover a big tub to soak the pillow in and add mild detergent and lukewarm water. If the detergent is just too aggressive and the water is just too scorching, you’ll be able to injury the froth. Put the pillow utterly underneath water.

Gently squeeze the pad whereas it is underwater to permit the detergent to run by the crushed foam. Watch out to not crush the froth or you might injury the pillow.

Step 2: Rinse

Substitute the sudsy water with clear water or fill a second tub. Dip the pillow once more and gently squeeze to tug out the froth. Repeat this step as many instances as needed till the pillow is totally freed from cleaning soap residue.

You will need to rinse out all the detergent as cleaning soap residue can result in mildew development. You can even use this step to softly scrub the floor of the pillow.

Step 3: drying

Gently squeeze out extra water from the shredded reminiscence foam. Keep away from wringing out the pillow. This will injury and warp the froth.

Grasp in direct daylight or in a ventilated room. Wait till the pillow is totally dry earlier than utilizing the pillow.

Machine wash your shredded reminiscence foam pillow

In some circumstances, your pillow’s care label will state that machine washing is suitable. Regardless of this, there are some parameters that you should comply with so as to not wreck the pillow.

Step 1: Wash

Once more, you must take away the pillowcase earlier than washing. Use heat (not scorching) water and a mild detergent and wash the pillow on the mild cycle. When you’ve got a wash cycle for bedding or cumbersome objects, wash your pillow in it.

Step 2: Rinse

Even when your washer robotically rinses and spins on the finish of every cycle, it is best to nonetheless rinse your pillow a couple of times. This may be sure that you get all the detergent out of the shredded suds.

Step 3: drying

You have got a number of choices right here. Some shredded reminiscence foam pillows are allowed within the dryer. Should you permit, dry it on the bottom warmth setting. Nonetheless, first gently squeeze out extra water to make sure sooner drying time. It might take some time for the froth to dry utterly.

Should you’re further cautious however are nonetheless allowed to make use of the dryer, let the pillow by till it is principally dry. Then have it completed outside or in a circulating air room. Shredded reminiscence foam pillows can profit from the dryer as they fluff up properly within the course of.

Your third choice is to hold dry within the method outlined above.

Shredded Reminiscence Foam Pillow Upkeep

Hand washing and machine washing are strategies greatest used when your pillow wants a deep cleansing. Some pillows get dirtier than others, however an intensive cleansing each six months ought to do the trick.

There are different methods to make sure your shredded reminiscence foam pillow stays clear with out working it by the washer and dryer too many instances.

Change your pillowcase typically

The pillowcase is the primary to select up all of the gross stuff. So should you change it incessantly it should take longer for the stuff to be absorbed into the precise foam. It is suggested to vary the pillowcase each 7-10 days or earlier if you want.

In some circumstances, folks select to double the pillowcases to guard the pillow even higher.

Wash the pillowcase

After the pillowcase, subsequent is the pillowcase to carry the pathogens and allergens. The pillowcase encloses the shredded reminiscence foam.

Take away the shredded foam from the pillowcase and wash the duvet in response to the instructions. Be sure that it has dried totally earlier than refilling. You possibly can wash the duvet as typically because the pillowcase, though it may in all probability take just a little longer.

When you’ll be able to’t wash a shredded reminiscence foam pillow

Some manufacturers state that you simply can’t wash the pillow underneath any circumstances. Moderately, you must substitute the froth inside to maintain it hygienic.

associated questions

How do you revive a reminiscence foam pillow?

Gently squeeze and shake the pillow to return it to its unique form. If the directions permit, it’s also possible to put it within the dryer on the bottom setting. The warmth revitalizes the shredded reminiscence foam to offer a pleasant fluff.


Most shredded reminiscence foam pillows might be hand or machine washed. All the time verify the care directions to see the producer’s solutions.

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