Does Lysol Kill Dust Mites?

A dusty residence shouldn’t be solely unattractive, it could possibly additionally negatively affect indoor air high quality and result in a wide range of well being issues. For those who’ve ever had cussed allergic reactions or continuously struggled with bronchial asthma signs when you’re at residence, mud mites are in all probability in charge. Sadly, mud mites are extremely frequent, which is why figuring out methods to eliminate them is essential.

Sure, Lysol Spray can kill mud mites. The ethanol and ammonium primarily based compounds in Lysol Disinfectant Spray are poisonous to mud mites. Dipping mud mite-infested furnishings and materials in Lysol spray kills them virtually instantly. There are additionally pure options for killing mud mites. Ensure you clear your own home your self and rid it of the allergens.

On this article, we’ll go over every thing it’s essential to learn about methods to kill mud mites with Lysol spray. We can even discuss what else you are able to do to remove these pests and methods to acknowledge and cope with all the issues they convey. Let’s start.

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What are home mud mites?

Earlier than we discuss methods to kill mud mites, it is useful to know what they are surely. Mud mites are microscopic pests that thrive in dusty areas the place they’ll feed on useless pores and skin cells. They’re mostly present in carpets, bedding, mattresses, pillows, furnishings, and stuffed animals.

Regardless of the similarity in identify, mud mites are usually not the identical as termites. They’re additionally non-parasitic, which means they will not chunk or sting you. Nevertheless, they generate a few of the commonest allergens by their fecal pellets and physique fragments.

It sounds gross, however mud mites are in all places, in all places, in all places. In truth, about 4 out of 5 households throughout the nation have mud mites in at the very least one room. They trigger allergic reactions starting from gentle to extreme, together with:

  • operating noise
  • teary eyes
  • Sneeze
  • Power cough
  • congestion and stress
  • Extreme bronchial asthma assaults

What’s actually in Lysol spray?

Subsequent, let’s break down what’s in Lysol spray. Likelihood is you’ve got used this all-purpose cleaner for years as a disinfectant, cleaner, and air freshener. That’s, do you actually know what it’s? To place it merely, Lysol is a combination of sentimental cleaning soap and cresols. Its lively elements embody…

  • alkyldimethyl
  • benzylammonium saccharinate
  • ethanol alcohol 40

…Plus extra antiseptics to disinfect and take away odors.

Indicators that you’ve got mud mites in your house

Mud mites are invisible to the bare eye and due to this fact can’t be visually recognized. Due to this fact, you want to pay attention to any signs you might have. Allergic reactions are the perfect methods to identify a doable mud mite downside. These signs can embody:

  • wheezing or problem respiratory
  • Pink, itchy rashes
  • Runny nostril or stuffy nostril
  • Fixed sneezing
  • scratchy throat

A notice: Older properties with mildew and mould issues are extra vulnerable to mud mites. Flats with excessive humidity are additionally extra vulnerable. Mud mites do not usually thrive in dry, sizzling environments. As well as, flats with a lot of carpets or upholstered furnishings are extra in danger.

Kill mud mites with Lysol spray

Lysol spray will not be probably the most pure method to kill mud mites, however it’s efficient. Mud mites can’t merely be vacuumed up or washed away. Destroying them requires chemical substances or excessive ranges of warmth. Lysol spray is an effective selection as a result of it’s extremely inexpensive and might be present in most US shops.

Earlier than making use of the Lysol spray, wash all of your bedding or curtains in sizzling water. It is also a good suggestion to steam clear the carpets earlier than spraying, if doable. These measures will kill a few of the mud mites and draw others out of hiding.

Now you may apply the Lysol disinfectant spray. Comply with the instructions on the can rigorously.

  1. maintain can 6″ to eight” from the floor.
  2. spray 3 to 4 seconds till the floor is totally coated with fog.
  3. Depart the floor damp at the very least 3 minutesthen let it air dry.
  4. Repeat wash Soak bedding or curtains in sizzling water or steam vacuum carpets after Lysol has dried.

Kill mud mites in your bed room

Not all the elements within the Lysol sanitizer spray are natural, which implies you could not wish to use it in all places in your house. This contains the bed room, which occurs to be residence to the biggest populations of mud mites.

Nonetheless, you may wipe down surfaces like mattress frames and dressers in your bed room with Lysol wipes. You possibly can even use Lysol on wooden surfaces, though it is best to in all probability dilute it with water for older wooden.

Options to Lysol Spray

In relation to sprays to eliminate mud mites, there are just a few options to Lysol so you do not find yourself spraying chemical substances throughout your linens. This additionally contains natural mud mite sprays and do-it-yourself concoctions. A number of the greatest merchandise from the natural retailer are:

  • Allergy Bronchial asthma Cleaning Allergen Spray
  • All pure Eucoclean 3-in-1 mattress bug, flea and mud mite killer
  • Straightforward Air Natural Allergy Reduction Spray
  • Eradicator mattress bug and mud mite spray
  • Pure and natural mud mite spray

…and extra!

Nevertheless, you can even make your personal natural spray which you can simply use each day. The most effective half is that it solely takes three elements:

  • 30 drops of important oils. The most effective oil is eucalyptus important oils since mud mites hate eucalyptus. Clove, peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oils are additionally efficient. Make sure you additionally use a darkish glass bottle to raised protect the oils.
  • 1½ ounces of vodka. The alcohol on this combination breaks down the oils and ensures that it’s evenly distributed all through the combination because the oil and water do not combine naturally. It additionally sterilizes and kills micro organism and pathogens on any floor you spray it on.
  • 1½ ounces of water. The water on this combine fairly merely helps skinny your complete combine, so it isn’t too robust.

Pure methods to kill mud mites

In search of one other method to kill mud mites? Lysol Disinfectant Spray is efficient however incorporates harsh chemical substances. Listed here are pure options to eradicate these pests.

  • kieselguhr. This can be a naturally occurring silica derived from algae. This wonderful white powder dehydrates mud mites to dying by drying out their exoskeletons. Sprinkle it on any material floor after which vacuum it up.
  • Important Oils. Home mud mites are repelled by important oils. Clove, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary are the simplest. Add just a few drops to a sprig bottle of water and spray the combination onto material surfaces.
  • Wash textiles in sizzling water. Mud mites can’t survive temperatures above 130 F. Throw your linens or different materials within the washer on the recent water setting. This kills mud mites and removes the allergens.

Decreasing Mud Mite Presence Over Time With Lysol (And A Few Different Issues)

When you can kill most mud mites just by spraying them with Lysol or different sprays, you continue to have to remove the allergens they depart behind. That additionally means eliminating mud mite waste.

After cleansing the world, vacuum to take away the useless mud mites and any particles they left behind. This works greatest with a HEPA (Excessive Effectivity Particulate Arrestance) vacuum.

A very powerful factor to recollect is to not anticipate mud mites to grow to be an issue. One of the simplest ways to maintain mud mites out of your own home is to wash often, even once they’re not there. This contains dusting, vacuuming, and altering HVAC air filters.

One other method to hold mud mites away is to decrease the humidity in your house by utilizing air purifiers and humidifiers. You can too cowl your bedding with mud mite covers for further safety.

Indicators of mud mites in your house

There are lots of totally different causes of mud mites, together with excessive humidity and excessive mud ranges. For those who’re not sure whether or not or not you will have mud mites, there are some things to keep watch over. Frequent signs of mud mite allergy are:

  • fatigue and steel fog
  • eczema and pores and skin rashes
  • itching
  • Stuffy nostril
  • coughing and wheezing
  • Runny and itchy nostril
  • Fixed sneezing

associated questions

Are mud mites dangerous to people?

Mud mites do not normally chunk an individual, and in the event that they do, it will not trigger you any severe ache. They not often crawl on individuals, though they’ll get in your clothes. Nevertheless, they’re in truth dangerous as they carry excessive ranges of allergens that may have a destructive affect in your well being over time.

How lengthy do mud mites reside?

Mud mites do not have a very lengthy lifespan, however they breed pretty shortly. Most mud mites reside between 65 and 100 days and the common feminine usually lays 60 to 100 eggs.

Does Febreze kill mud mites?

Current research have proven that Febreze Allergen Reducer can cut back the quantity of allergens produced by mud mites by roughly 75%. Nevertheless, it’s not the perfect product to make use of to kill the mud mite itself.

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So ought to Lysol be your weapon of selection towards mud mites?

For those who’re searching for a straightforward method to rid your own home of mud mites, the Lysol Disinfectant Spray is a good device to have by your facet. Nevertheless, it should not be the one device in your toolbox. Lysol spray can kill mud mites on contact, however you continue to have to eliminate their our bodies and any particles left behind.

For this step you will want a vacuum – ideally a HEPA vacuum – so you may fully rid your own home of all dangerous allergens. As a substitute of Lysol spray, you need to use natural options to your bedding to make sure your future well being, security and luxury whereas sleeping.

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