Roof Leaking Around The Chimney? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

There are various areas of the house that owners do not usually pay a lot consideration to, such because the roof. This generally is a easy case of out of sight, out of thoughts, as a result of how many people are strolling round trying up? This lack of consideration may be as a result of these are components of the house that do not usually require or want a lot consideration. Till there’s an issue that wants our consideration, like a leaky roof across the chimney.

When the roof leaks across the chimney, the commonest motive is an issue with the flashing. To repair the leak, the bottom port (also called the step port) should be inspected and sealed with polyurethane sealant. As well as, cracks within the brick or mortar may also be the explanation that the roof across the chimney is leaking.

Hopefully leaks within the roof and chimney will not be found since you’re dripping. Within the worst case, nonetheless, leaks may be found on this method. Fortunately, regardless of how the leak is detected, there are some easy fixes for the commonest forms of leaks.

As with all drawback that must be addressed, it begins with investigating the issue to seek out the trigger and supply. Within the occasion of a leaking roof across the chimney, this will even require some climbing. At all times take crucial precautions when working above floor and at all times have a associate help you.

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investigation of the leak

A leaking roof across the chimney will typically present some indicators and indications of an issue earlier than it begins raining in your house. An intensive inspection of the chimney and the instant neighborhood of the chimney will typically reveal indicators of a leak or imminent leak.

Because the drawback of a leaky roof across the chimney begins with discovering the trigger, that is the place we should always begin. To do that, you additionally must know what to search for and what are the indicators of a leak across the chimney.

What are the indicators that the roof across the chimney is leaking?

Usually, owners needn’t get moist earlier than they notice there’s a leak. Listed below are the telltale indicators that the roof across the chimney is leaking.

Rotten casing

To verify for a leaking roof across the chimney, the casing underneath the shingles ought to be examined. If the casing is rotten or damp, that is an apparent signal {that a} leak is current. Rotten, mushy, or damp sheathing additionally signifies that the issue is said to blinking.

Warped shingles

One other signal that may point out a possible leaking roof across the chimney is shingles that seem warped. Shingles uncovered to sedentary or extended moisture will curl or warp. That is additionally one other signal that the issue is said to a blinking problem.

brick discoloration

If bricks change into discolored or gray-black, it is a particular signal of a leak. Usually, this means an issue with the mortar or probably cracks within the brick.

Lacking brick cladding

One other signal of a roof leak across the chimney is lacking brick trim. In lots of circumstances, owners will discover brick siding on the ground, which is a certain signal that the chimney must be checked.

How one can repair a roof leak across the chimney?

The answer to fixing a roof leak across the chimney will depend on the kind of leak. As soon as the reason for the leak is set (both with the flash or with the brick), we are able to get to work fixing the issue.

Chimney connection restore

Householders who’ve an issue with their chimney connection can often repair the issue themselves. Listed below are the steps to restore the flashing round your chimney and forestall your roof from leaking.

What’s going to you want:

  • Good work gloves
  • extension ladder
  • security tools
  • Hammer drill and masonry screws
  • wire brush
  • cartridge gun
  • chisel
  • Connection sealant (based mostly on polyurethane)
  • utility knife

Step 1: Get to the chimney

Utilizing an extension ladder, fastidiously climb onto the roof to achieve entry to the chimney. Sporting a security harness is beneficial for anybody working above floor or on a roof.

Step 2: Clear the chimney connection

Fastidiously take away any particles or objects positioned behind the shroud. That is additionally an excellent time to pinpoint and confirm precisely the place and what the issues are and what’s required to repair the blinking.

Step 3: Clear outdated sealant from flashes

You’ll want to use a wire brush and chisel to completely take away the outdated caulk behind the sheet steel and on prime of the brick. This permits for higher adhesion and a greater seal. Using a chisel is beneficial for loosening and eradicating bigger and cussed sealant residues. Then use an excellent wire brush to clean the floor and take away smaller particles of the remaining sealant.

Do not forget to put on heavy-duty protecting gloves whereas eradicating and cleansing the bezels. Some flashing edges could also be sharp and pose a threat of cuts or scratches. The purpose is to not make the floor pristine, simply to take away many of the outdated end.

Step 4: Apply new sealant

Utilizing a utility knife, open the caulk by slicing a gap within the prime of the tube. Most sealants have fundamental directions on how finest to chop the hose. The purpose is to open the sealant tube sufficient to use a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch bead.

Apply sealant across the edges of the flashing. Additionally apply sealant to any free bezels (this ought to be carried out earlier than making use of sealant to the sides of the bezel).

Step 5: Safe the free connector

Utilizing your drill and masonry screws, reattach and safe any free trim. Do not forget that the screws aren’t meant to seal the bezel, however to carry it securely and in place. This additionally signifies that just a few tacking screws are required.

This step ought to be carried out after the sealant has been utilized to each the free fittings and the fittings. As soon as the connector is secured with screws, verify the sealant software to make sure the seal created remains to be intact. This is a crucial subsequent step because the tightness created by the sealant may be disrupted by the motion or vibration of self-drilling screws.

Step 6: Seal screws

The final step is to make use of the sealant to cowl the screw heads as these can enable potential entry for water and moisture.

You will need to control the roof and monitor it for a couple of weeks after work. If the leak persists, generally it is as a result of an edge is not sealing utterly or different minor changes are wanted to your restore.

If the roof continues to leak after trying to restore the chimney connection, you have to to contact knowledgeable roofing and restore service. Roofing points like leaks are additionally points that ought to be addressed sooner quite than later to keep away from additional injury and threat.

Different attainable the reason why a roof is leaking across the chimney

If makes an attempt to repair a leaky roof across the chimney are unsuccessful, it may imply a bigger or extra critical underlying drawback. Nevertheless, in some conditions, condensation can mimic a roof leak. The hot button is to verify the above indicators of a roof leak.


If there aren’t any indicators (damp or rotting sheathing, discolored bricks, and so forth.), then probably it’s nothing greater than condensation. If the roof leak persists and continues to indicate indicators of leaking, knowledgeable roofing contractor will must be contacted.

Lacking or no blinking

It’s reported that owners who’ve had new roofs put in have discovered that there isn’t a flashing across the chimney. Whereas this isn’t a standard drawback, it’s not an unusual incidence both. That is in all probability as a result of there have been no flashings put in when the primary roof was placed on.

It is usually reported that from time to time the encompass was not changed when a brand new roof was placed on, ensuing within the roof leaking across the chimney. With out the connecting roofs and particularly chimneys, leaks are more likely to develop earlier than later.

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Is a leaky roof across the chimney harmful?

A leaking roof doesn’t pose an instantaneous risk, however it will possibly pose a harmful and damaging state of affairs if left unattended. These dangers exist for each folks and the roof itself. And people with respiratory issues may have much more potential well being issues because of sedentary water, mildew, and different moisture-related points.

If a leaky roof across the chimney just isn’t repaired, the issue will solely worsen. These may be issues that trigger chimney clogs, trigger injury to the chimney liner, and even trigger a possible roof collapse. Once more, these are points that may be mounted by performing shortly and fixing the leak.

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