What Causes PVC Pipe To Crack? (Find Out Now!)

PVC pipe has an extended historical past within the development business as a protected and dependable materials for each residential and business development. Nonetheless, PVC pipes will not be with out flaws. A number of issues could cause PVC pipe to develop cracks and fail in use.

A number of issues could cause PVC pipe to fail. These issues embrace environmental influences, together with temperature extremes and daylight. Overbending PVC pipe could cause cracks and result in over-pressurization. Improper set up is usually one other explanation for PVC pipe failure. The mixture of those elements is the commonest purpose for PVC pipe failure.

Understanding the underlying causes of PVC pipe failure attributable to cracking is essential to avoiding these conditions. Though PVC is a really steady and dependable product, it has limitations. It’s best to totally perceive these limitations to make sure your PVC pipe set up is bother free.

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PVC pipe – a cost-effective various

PVC pipe provides engineers and designers a value efficient resolution to steel pipe for a lot of purposes within the development business. PVC doesn’t corrode like steel pipes. It’s sturdy for its weight and has an extended anticipated lifespan when correctly put in and maintained. In contrast with steel pipe, PVC pipe is cheap.

Nonetheless, sure concerns should be made when specifying PVC pipe in any challenge. Understanding the restrictions of PVC pipe and set up necessities is essential. Contractors and installers should be accustomed to the right methods for putting in PVC pipe to make sure they don’t seem to be compromised. Constructing managers should additionally carry out correct upkeep and inspection of PVC pipe installations to make sure correct operate and lifespan.

The issues with PVC pipes

Most issues with ripping PVC pipe could be traced again to a number of points, most of which stem from improper set up. In lots of instances, the PVC pipe is utilized in non-recommended methods or in environments that aren’t appropriate for PVC pipe. These are a few of the most typical causes of PVC failure attributable to cracking.

Publicity to rocks, particles or soil erosion

PVC is a favourite to be used in underground installations. Water traces, drain pipes, and drain pipes are all generally buried. Nonetheless, issues can rapidly come up if the backfill materials across the PVC pipe will not be fastidiously ready. The largest downside is backfilling with unsuitable materials.

Some contractors merely push the spoil from the ditch again over the PVC pipe. Any sharp objects reminiscent of concrete rubble, rocks or different supplies with sharp edges can break or puncture the PVC pipe, inflicting cracks and leaks. All backfill supplies must be screened. The underside of the ditch must be ready with a mattress of sand to correctly assist the PVC pipe.

Backfilled ditches could be susceptible to soil erosion if not correctly tamped. Because the soil within the trench erodes, the PVC pipe can stay unsupported, resulting in bending and eventual rupture. Backfill materials must be correctly tamped and protected against rain erosion.

Improper set up

Improper set up practices are answerable for many PVC pipe cracks and failures. PVC pipe runs should be correctly supported alongside their size to keep away from fatigue cracking of the pipe and fittings. Weight concerns are additionally essential. Whereas PVC pipe is structurally sturdy, putting in PVC pipe to assist an excessive amount of weight can result in cracking and failure.

Solvent cement joints should even be ready and fabricated to nationally acknowledged requirements. The joints must be clear, straight and free from grime or mud. Correct utility of primer and solvent is essential. Every joint must be given correct time to treatment to make sure a very good seal between elements.

age and stress

Many individuals are shocked to study that the age of PVC pipe can have a direct influence on its efficiency. As PVC pipe ages, the plasticizers used to make it versatile are likely to leach out of the PVC pipe. This may trigger the pipe to grow to be brittle and crack beneath very small masses or impacts.

Some environmental stresses can speed up this leaching course of. Publicity to UV radiation from daylight can speed up the lack of plasticizers. Excessive warmth and chilly may have adversarial results on PVC pipe. Excessive warmth can soften the tube and excessive chilly can injury the tube as ice types and expands within the tube.


Every PVC pipe diameter has its personal most stress score. Normally, PVC pipe used for water programs shouldn’t be subjected to inner pressures in extra of 80 kilos per sq. inch. Most residential and business water programs function properly beneath this threshold, but when your system routinely sees greater pressures, contemplate different choices.


The flexibleness of PVC pipe is certainly one of its biggest options. The flexibility to route PVC pipe round objects and slight curves is a serious benefit of a stiffer steel pipe. Nonetheless, issues can come up if PVC pipe is bent an excessive amount of.

Extreme bending in a given size of PVC pipe could cause stress fractures within the PVC materials which might ultimately result in cracking. The cracks might not seem for a while after set up. All these cracks can happen instantly and with catastrophic outcomes.

vibration or shear stress

PVC pipes ought to by no means be related on to tools that will vibrate when in use. A versatile connection must be put in between the PVC piping and the mechanical tools. Vibrations transmitted from the mechanical tools to the PVC pipe could cause untimely pipe and becoming failure.

Shear stress is any power utilized to the pipe at 90 levels to the pipe size. This may be brought on by poor set up or by utilizing the pipe to assist further masses reminiscent of cabinets or different pipe hangers. The shear stress could cause the PVC pipe materials to crack and ultimately fail.

Improper upkeep

Many instances PVC pipe fails as a result of it has not been correctly maintained. That is very true for drain and waste pipes, which want common cleansing. Mechanical injury to the pipe inflicting cracking could be attributable to improper drain augers, that are usually used to clear drains. Drain cleansing of PVC drain pipes ought to solely be carried out by personnel skilled within the correct use of such tools

Harsh chemical drain cleaners will not be usually really useful for PVC drain pipe. Some chemical drain cleaners can soften the PVC pipe and make it susceptible to cracking or different failures. When you should use a chemical drain cleaner, make sure that it is authorised for PVC pipe.

Do you want a restore or alternative of taps, fittings or pipes?

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Cracks and failures of PVC pipe shouldn’t be regular

PVC pipe will not be anticipated to crack or fail beneath regular use. Nonetheless, most often, improper set up or use is guilty when a failure like cracking happens. With correct set up and upkeep, PVC pipe ought to present a few years of trouble-free service.

Dennis Howard

Dennis is a retired firefighter with an in depth background in development, house enchancment and transforming. He labored part-time within the trades whereas serving as an lively responsibility firefighter. After retirement, he began a reworking and residential restore enterprise which he ran for a number of years.