What Color Garage Door with Gray House?

The best way to increase the appeal of your home is pretty simple – make sure your home looks good. If you have a gray exterior, this job is actually pretty easy, which is good news for you!

Gray is a neutral color that gives you a wide range of options when choosing the color of your trim and doors. In this article, we specifically talk about the best garage door colors for a gray home.

When choosing a garage door color to match a gray home, consider whether you want the door to be a statement piece or to blend in with the rest of your home. Some popular garage door colors for a gray home are white, beige, blue, gray, red, yellow, green, and black. The best look depends on the shade of gray in your home.

Designing a gray home might seem simple enough, but the truth is that having so many options can actually complicate the process. We’ll talk about all of these different options and when they work best so you can choose the right color for your home.

What you need to know about gray houses

At first glance, the color gray may seem like a mixture of black and white. However, the truth is that it is much more complex. There are many unique shades to choose from and we’re not just talking about the lightness or darkness of the color.

One of the biggest aspects to consider is the undertone. Some grays are warmer, while others have a bluer undertone. This will ultimately affect which accent colors, including those of your garage door, will look best.

Would you like your garage door to blend in or stand out?

As a general rule of thumb, you should use three colors on the outside of your home. This is the main color of the trim, the color of the trim and the color of all the doors. There are a few ways to decide how to distribute these colors.

Some people choose to match the garage door to the trim for a more seamless look. The other option is to paint it to match the front door for an extra pop of color that still blends in with the rest of your home. Either way, you just don’t want too many colors clashing on your exterior.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the style of your home. If you have a stone exterior, soft colors often blend in better. On the other hand, more traditional homes with vinyl siding or similar can benefit from either classic white doors or bolder colors.

Special Note: Keep in mind that you can’t just paint your home any color if you’re part of a homeowners association (HOA) that needs to approve the decision. If you’re part of a HOA, be sure to ask them before you start painting.

Harmonizing colors that work with a gray house

Some colors will blend in with the gray of your home’s exterior and create an overall cohesive look. These colors are also usually more neutral, so you can expect them to have a more calming effect. These won’t necessarily draw attention to your property but will look great for people to look at.

These colors include:

White garage doors

For a more traditional look, opt for a white garage door with your gray home. White doors offer a timeless, classic appearance that still has a touch of modernity. Typically, if you have a medium to dark gray trim, you should choose white. A white door in a light gray house makes everything look a little too washed out.

Blue garage doors

Both dark blue and light blue can go well with a gray house, depending on the hue and undertones. Many gray homes already have a blue tint and a blue garage door will complement this look. In particular, dark blue garage doors against a light gray house make for a very modern look.

Beige garage doors

Beige is another neutral color that goes well with a pale to medium gray home. If you want a really subtle look, using a lighter beige with this color gray is your best bet. However, you can find a bit more contrast by using a lighter beige with a darker gray exterior, or a darker beige against a lighter gray.

Gray garage doors

Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible to pull off a gray-on-grey color scheme. The key to gray homes with gray garage doors is in the right tone. If you have a light gray home, a dark gray garage door will work best and vice versa. If you want a lighter color scheme for both, consider using a more drastic color for the trim.

Contrasting colors that work with a gray house

If you want your home to look a little more exciting, you might want to steer away from these coordinating colors. Instead, you can choose a pop of color for your garage door that will draw attention to your home. Some popular home garage door colors that pop are:

Red garage doors

Typically, red doors look best against darker gray trim. This will be a great statement piece for your home that really stands out. Since darker gray houses already look more modern and serious, the red door can be a nice fun addition to balance it all out.

Yellow garage doors

Yellow is a beautiful and cheerful color that can really brighten up the exterior of your home. If you feel like the gray in your home is making your curb too boring, a splash of yellow is a great way to solve the problem. This color pairing is ideal for more modern homes and is best achieved with other yellow accents outdoors as well.

Green garage doors

If you have a medium gray house, a dark green door will look amazing, especially when you combine it with the paneling and shutters. Green is a more natural color that is both calming and fun. It’s the perfect solution for adding a touch of color to a gray house without going over the top.

Black garage doors

A gray home with a black garage door can either offer a seamless design or create a two tone effect depending on how light or dark the gray color is on your home. A very light gray exterior with a black door can offer a much more dramatic look than a dark gray exterior with a black garage door.

What color you should not Use with a Gray House

In most cases, you should avoid using brown garage doors against a gray house. The exception would be installing a custom made wooden door which offers a more natural look.

Using darker brown paint against the gray walls of your home will usually make the garage door look dirty or muddy instead of being intentionally brown.

So what color should you paint your garage door if you have a gray house?

There are many different garage door colors that you can choose to match a gray home and the list we have provided is not exhaustive. That means it’s a great place to start. Before you start painting, remember to check with your HOA (if you’re part of one) to make sure you can can paint your door in this color in the first place.

The bottom line is that there are colors that will work with a gray house and colors that won’t. As a final note before you start painting, use a semi-gloss acrylic paint on your garage door. This will be the most weather resistant over time. Now that you have a better idea of ​​what to do, let’s start painting!

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