What Is Gray PVC Pipe Used For? (Find Out Now!)

You might be planning a small mission in your house that may require PVC pipe to reroute some plumbing. You will discover PVC in numerous sizes in {hardware} shops. A few of the PVC pipes are white and a few are gray. You recognize white PVC pipe however marvel what the grey PVC pipe is used for?

PVC pipe is available in a number of colours. Grey is mostly related to two kinds of PVC pipe. Schedule 80 PVC pipe is tinted mild grey. {The electrical} line is tinted darkish grey. Schedule 80 PVC has thicker partitions and might stand up to increased pressures. PVC tubing is straightforward to tug by and has thinner partitions than different PVC.

PVC strains don’t usually have a stress score as they don’t transport liquids. Schedule 80 PVC is usually utilized in functions with increased than regular stress necessities. Normally, PVC hoses aren’t appropriate for potable water functions. You need to perceive the variations between a lot of these PVC pipe earlier than starting your mission

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What’s PVC?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic with a whole bunch of makes use of. Most individuals are nicely acquainted with PVC pipes. These easy-to-use and economical pipe varieties are extensively utilized in residential and business development.

PVC pipes can be found in a wide range of types, sizes and colours. Every fashion and dimension has traits that go well with completely different work functions. In some circumstances, native constructing codes require completely different PVC pipe colours to point the pipe’s perform. For instance:

  • White PVC Pipe – White PVC pipes are sometimes used for consuming water methods and irrigation methods.
  • Blue PVC Pipe – In some jurisdictions, a system carrying potable water should use blue PVC piping. That is very true in giant water distribution methods comparable to water mains and pumping stations.
  • Inexperienced PVC pipe – Inexperienced PVC pipe signifies the system carries sewage or sewage. This customary is principally utilized to municipal sewage remedy methods the place giant diameter sewage pipes are constructed underground.
  • Purple PVC Pipe – Many new houses have separate waste methods. In these cut up methods, black water is separated from grey water. The black water flows into the principle sewer or into the septic tank. Grey water can doubtlessly be recovered and reused. Grey sewer pipes are indicated by a purple PVC pipe.
  • Grey PVC pipe – A grey PVC pipe can point out two several types of PVC. If the pipe is tinted mild grey, it’s often Schedule 80 PVC and the place the system is below increased stress. A darkish grey PVC pipe is most probably {an electrical} conduit and shouldn’t be used for plumbing.

Confusion can come up when taking a look at grey PVC pipe. Schedule 80 grey PVC pipe is appropriate for any utility the place white PVC pipe can be utilized. The thicker partitions of Schedule 80 PVC can stand up to increased pressures. Grey PVC pipe has skinny partitions and isn’t designed for pressurized or potable water functions.

The opposite variations in grey PVC

Schedule 80 and electrical wiring can look very comparable however have important variations. These variations make these two several types of PVC pipe incompatible. Due to this fact, the 2 shouldn’t be combined. The principle variations between the 2 kinds of PVC pipe are as follows.

wall thickness and stress values

Schedule 80 PVC pipe has thicker partitions than different PVC pipe. The thicker partitions permit Schedule 80 PVC pipe to resist increased working pressures. Alternatively, grey PVC electrical hose has a lot thinner partitions. Electrical strains should not be pressurized or carry water or different liquids.

Electrical cables product of PVC don’t have a stress score stamped on the pipe. Schedule 80 PVC has a marking that signifies the pipe’s stress score.

clutch designs

The couplings designed for every kind of grey PVC look completely different and are supposed for various functions. For instance:

  • Schedule 80 couplings are grey like Schedule 80 tubing. The couplings have the identical wall thickness and bear the identical stress stage.
  • Electrical set up pipes product of PVC don’t have a stress score. PVC electrical pipe shouldn’t be designed to be used with potable water and will by no means be put in in a residential or business water distribution system.
  • The fittings for electrical set up pipes product of PVC are completely different. Electrical conduit glands function lengthy loops and connections that permit {the electrical} cable to be simply pulled by the conduit. Schedule 80 and different PVC connectors have shorter radii on the corners as a result of they’re designed to hold liquids, not wires.

The 2 kinds of grey PVC pipes are designed for particular features that aren’t appropriate. You shouldn’t lay water provide methods with grey PVC electrical wiring.

Do I would like particular glue for grey PVC?

PVC is PVC. The identical glue you utilize to make the connections in your irrigation system will work nicely with {the electrical} conduit you put in in your patio lighting. When cementing connections on a pressurized water system, completely different necessities apply than on {an electrical} line.

Any PVC pipe that transports liquids, particularly these below stress, should make tight and safe cement joints. Usually, making secure solvent cement joints is a four-step course of.

Step 1: Reduce, clear and deburr

The tube ought to be minimize to the suitable size to permit for attachment. The minimize ought to be easy and clear. Maintain the minimize perpendicular to the pipe to make sure a flush match within the becoming. Take away any burrs or tails from the minimize edge if utilizing a noticed. Wipe surfaces to be cemented with solvent to take away mud or dust.

Step 2: Apply primer to the joints

The PVC primer is vital to arrange the floor of the plastic pipe for the solvent that may kind the precise joint. Use the applicator included within the can to use the solvent to all surfaces to be cemented. Enable the primer to dry for a couple of minutes earlier than making use of the solvent cement.

Step 3: Apply the solvent cement

As soon as the primer is dry, apply solvent cement to the primed areas of the pipe. Apply a good coat of solvent cement to all surfaces to be bonded. Do not go overboard. Dripping and working doesn’t bode nicely. You need to solely apply cement to at least one or two items of pipe and fittings at a time.

Step 4: Make the Joint

Push the PVC pipe into the becoming and push till the tip of the pipe is firmly towards the cease within the becoming. Rotate the tube 1 / 4 flip to make sure the solvent cement is evenly distributed. Maintain the grout for no less than 30 seconds to permit the cement to set.

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Grey PVC – one shade, two jobs

Schedule 80 grey PVC is utilized in excessive stress plumbing initiatives the place white PVC could not meet stress specs. Grey electrical PVC hose ought to by no means be utilized in plumbing functions. It’s only used to guard electrical wiring.

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