Why Are AC Units On The Roof In Arizona?

For those who’ve by no means been to Arizona, you may be stunned to see air conditioners on rooftops. It is a widespread observe in hotter climates, and you may additionally discover rooftop air conditioners in New Mexico and Florida. However what’s the level of placing an air conditioner on the roof?

Arizona’s scorching, dry local weather requires air con techniques with optimum air flow and circulation, and rooftop items present simply that. The advantages of rooftop air con techniques embrace efficient and environment friendly cooling, elevated house worth, improved well being, much less noise, and extra space. Though roof items are much less more likely to be stolen, they’re more durable to camouflage and defend from the solar.

On this article, we cowl the three most important kinds of air conditioners utilized in Arizona. We may even discuss whether or not air conditioners might be put in on the roof and why roof items are a superb possibility. Lastly, we are going to talk about the periodic upkeep of rooftop items and evaluate them to conventional floor mounted items.

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What kind of AC energy is utilized in Arizona?

There are three most important kinds of air conditioners utilized in Arizona. These varieties embrace a cut up system, central air conditioner, and particular person room air conditioners.

A cut up system has an outer system that cools the air and an inside fan system that disperses the air. A central air con system pumps air by means of ducts to chill the house. In the meantime, a room air conditioner is usually positioned in a window and cools a single room.

Can an out of doors AC unit be put in on the roof?

Sure, you may set up an out of doors AC unit on the roof. As soon as put in, professionals run the system by means of ducts to chill the complete constructing. Usually, rooftop air conditioners are central, not cut up techniques.

Advantages of rooftop air conditioners

Rooftop air conditioners have a number of benefits. First, the conditioned air circulates shortly and simply all through the house. Because of the kind of steerage, the cool air rises to the hotter air. This fashion the air conditioner would not need to work arduous.

Efficient and environment friendly cooling

Proudly owning a rooftop air conditioner means successfully cooling the house by circulating cool air and extracting heat air. Additionally, rooftop air conditioners are each value efficient and vitality environment friendly.

Elevated house fairness

One other main advantage of rooftop air conditioners is that they improve house fairness, particularly in very hot climates. Homebuyers see a roof unit as a pretty characteristic in a house.

Simple to repair

It is also simpler to restore a roof unit than an air conditioner and not using a roof. Non-roof techniques sometimes have elements each inside and outdoors the house. Nonetheless, rooftop techniques are multi function place. This facilitates upkeep and repairs if vital.

Improved well being

Sizzling, dry warmth areas like Arizona have a number of mud and dust. A properly maintained air conditioner on the roof circulates recent air. This improves air high quality and general well being.

Much less noise

One other advantage of a rooftop air conditioner is noise discount. Because of its location, the system isn’t as audible indoors as a unit that’s not on the roof.

Extra room

Because of the location, such a air conditioner doesn’t take up any indoor or outside dwelling area.

Why do some homes have air conditioners on the roof?

Some areas with extraordinarily scorching climates, reminiscent of Some, like Arizona, have air conditioners on the roofs of homes. As a result of the air con techniques require optimum air flow and circulation. Putting the air conditioner on the roof supplies higher air flow and circulation and permits the air conditioner to perform higher.

In locations the place the warmth is especially tough to handle, inserting air con on the roof retains properties cool. The cool air strikes down barely and circulates whereas heat air is eliminated.

Mandatory upkeep for AC items on the roof

Like several air conditioner, a rooftop air conditioner requires common upkeep. One methodology householders ought to use is to see how shortly their air conditioner can cool the nice and cozy air coming as much as it.

Different checks that householders ought to do repeatedly embrace inspecting the skin of the system and repeatedly changing the indoor filters. Cleansing the air con evaporator and condenser coils can also be essential.

Another elements of standard upkeep embrace servicing the unit’s inlet display screen, inspecting the fan, and tensioning the belt. Compliance with these upkeep checks can lengthen the lifetime of the gadget.

Is it higher to have air con on the roof or on the bottom?

There are professionals and cons to each choices. A rooftop air conditioner is a central air conditioner, whereas a flooring air conditioner operates as a cut up system. A rooftop unit doesn’t take up any dwelling area, whereas an open area unit often occupies a part of the yard.

When it comes to upkeep, flooring mounted items are usually simpler to guard. They’re additionally extra simply accessible for routine upkeep. Nonetheless, they’re extra inclined to invading pests and weeds.

It’s extra widespread for flooring mounted AC items to be stolen than rooftop items as a result of their location. Nonetheless, roof items usually are not as simple to camouflage and conceal as floor items.

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associated questions

Is it unhealthy to have the air conditioner on the roof?

It is not inherently unhealthy to have air con on the roof. Rooftop air con has benefits and drawbacks. For instance, a attainable drawback is that the system is extra uncovered to the warmth of the solar.

Do air conditioners work in Arizona?

Sure, air con works in Arizona. Because of the local weather in Arizona, air con is taken into account a vital want. Which means all rental firms should present air con and restore it if vital.

How lengthy does an AC unit final in Arizona?

How lengthy an Arizona air conditioner lasts relies on how properly the home-owner takes care of it. Because of the scorching local weather, the typical air conditioner might be anticipated to final 12 to fifteen years. In lots of different elements of the US, the typical lifespan is longer, from 15 to twenty years.

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