Why Is My Bath Water Blue? (Find Out Now!)

Baths are an effective way to calm down and unwind after an extended, nerve-racking day. Nevertheless, one factor can spoil the temper: brightly coloured water. Why is your tub water blue?

Your tub water is blue as a result of 1.3 Mg/L or extra copper deposits in your water provide. This may be attributable to issues like excessive water strain, elevated or decreased pH of the water, and pipe corrosion. Keep away from bathing in or ingesting blue water as it may trigger critical well being issues, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.

Blue water will also be attributable to detergents and different cleansing merchandise that comprise blue dyes. If so, the discoloration ought to resolve by itself and disappear after a couple of hours or days.

On this article, we’ll unravel why your tub water is blue, whether or not or not you have to be involved about its security, and tips on how to repair it!

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Why is my tub water the colour blue?

Blue bathwater is certainly much less alarming than brown bathwater, however why is that this taking place? There is a purpose.

Your tub water might be blue as a result of it comprises elevated quantities of copper. Too excessive or too low a pH of the water may result in an elevated quantity of copper and trigger your water to have a blue-green or aquamarine hue.

Now, why does your water comprise extreme quantities of copper? Essentially the most affordable clarification is that your water pipes are corroding. In the event you stay in an older house, particularly if the water is difficult and closely handled (like in Florida), you’re extra vulnerable to this drawback.

Different causes are:

  • Unusually excessive water strain
  • Sediment migrates by means of your pipes
  • The presence of lively microorganisms

If your own home has steep pipes and water is allowed to pool in a nook of your system, it should trigger corrosion. Due to this, it is crucial that your private home is constructed to code and it’s important {that a} house inspector investigates this.

Final however not least, it’s doable that your blue tub water is totally innocent. In the event you’ve just lately added cooler lighting or modified the wall coloration to a shade of blue, the water may simply be reflecting off the room.

To be protected, get the opinion of a certified plumber!

Is it protected if my tub water is blue?

Now that we all know why your tub water is blue, is it protected to make use of? This is what we predict.

By no means– Extreme quantities of copper (whether or not you ingest it, breathe it in, or come into contact with it) could cause critical sickness. Many individuals have skilled nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and different negative effects of poisoning.

As quickly as you discover your water turning blue, name your plumber instantly to get to the foundation of the issue. Keep away from having a shower, washing your palms or ingesting faucet water and maintain your kids away from the faucet.

As a result of water pipes are linked, you might solely see blue bathwater, however the copper is probably going seeping into your sink provide and different areas of the house.

How can I repair blue tub water?

In the event you encounter this drawback, then the perfect plan of action must be yours Contact an skilled plumber. Though at-home copper water check kits can be found, it’s best to seek the advice of knowledgeable to make sure a complete answer.

Basically, copper is taken into account hazardous when it exceeds 1.3 milligrams per liter (mg/L) in water. Your plumber can measure this and discover a answer.

If the issue is because of excessive water pH, including acidic substances like vinegar or hydrochloric acid can clear up the issue. These chemical substances can mix with copper, making it not current in your water provide.

Different choices to repair the issue are:

  • Use of anti-scale cleansing merchandise
  • Putting in a reverse osmosis water filter or phosphate feeder
  • Including calcite chips to the underside of an present water effectively
  • Changing the corroded pipes

Your installer will decide the perfect answer for you based mostly in your distinctive scenario.

Why will not my blue tub water go away?

So you’ve got had knowledgeable are available to deal with your blue tub water, nevertheless it nonetheless will not go away. Why does this drawback persist?

If you cannot rid your tub water of its blue tint, that is in all probability why Your pipes are corroded past restore. There might be an exterior leak or such a lot of copper deposits that no filter or reverse remedy may help.

If that is the case, it is time for an entire new plumbing system. Sadly, renovating a complete house can value a mean of $4,000 and even exceed $20,000. The ultimate value is dependent upon the place you reside and the scope of the mission.

Whilst you do not wish to hear this, discovering a extra everlasting answer is cheaper on your house and higher on your well being. In any other case, you possibly can undergo critical bodily and monetary penalties down the road.

associated questions

Why is my tub water brown?

Brown tub water is an unpleasant sight and never for the faint-hearted. Why does it appear to be you are exhibiting in pure sewage?

Actually, it may be since you are. Different causes are sediments of oxidized metals corresponding to iron or rust. When this water stagnates, it may develop into a breeding floor for micro organism.

Though most sources say that bathing in rusty water is not the tip of the world, we advise towards it — particularly should you’re uncertain of the trigger. You additionally by no means wish to drink discolored water.

In case your tub water is brown, name a plumber instantly. You will have a blockage in your sewage system! Additionally, examine if there’s or has been a water outage in your space. Typically the water provide supply is guilty.

Why is my tub water lukewarm?

Persistently lukewarm tub water is often related to an issue with the water heater.

A upkeep particular person or plumber ought to be capable to safely improve the utmost water temperature restrict. In any other case your system might have issues with the highest heating component.

This may be attributable to issues like particles or a broken fork tube.

How scorching can my tub water be once I’m pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, sure societal norms can develop into harmful on your unborn little one. A shower that’s too scorching is certainly one of them.

The common physique temperature of a pregnant lady is barely greater than common, at round 98-99 levels Fahrenheit. It is best to maintain your tub water no hotter than 100°F to restrict being pregnant issues.

Because of this, additionally it is really helpful to keep away from steam rooms, saunas and intensely scorching temperatures throughout being pregnant as such situations could cause neural tube defects.

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Ultimate Ideas

In case your tub water is blue, it is essential to know why. There are lots of causes for coloration change – some are innocent, others require fast consideration.

The commonest reason behind blue pool water is extreme copper scaling on account of water pipe corrosion. Nevertheless, it’s good to know all the opposite doable explanations listed above so as to take motion if mandatory.

All the time seek the advice of an skilled plumber in case your drawback persists!

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