Trending Car Performance Upgrades in 2020

Your car’s performance is not a simple thing to attribute to the type of vehicle you own and the commute you typically make. Every car is a complex machine with so many moving parts, each affecting the way that vehicle performs. Does this mean that improving these individual parts will also improve the vehicle’s performance? Of course it does! With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top five car performance upgrades to consider for 2020.

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Get performance tires

That sounds so simple that it just can’t be true, right? Not correct! As you can see, low inventory tires can seriously limit your vehicle’s performance on the open road. On the other hand, branded or even bespoke tires help you achieve levels of control you never thought possible before. For those who want to take it a step further, it might be an even better idea to buy two or three sets of tires and swap them out depending on the conditions. City commuting and driving are not the same thing. Neither winter nor summer trips. Always remember.

Improve throttle response

The dream of every motorist is to be behind the wheel of a car that responds to the slightest pressure on the gas pedal. However, this responsiveness depends on several crucial factors. First, the throttle body and the components surrounding it must be as strong as possible. Wear and tear, on the other hand, can make this a bit problematic over time. All you have to do is take some time to adjust the throttle body cable slack. All you need is a couple of wrenches and a short tutorial or someone to advise you on the best course of action.

Adjust your brakes

How your brakes work is not just a matter of safety. It’s also a question of your car’s performance and drivability. A quality brake pad setup can be quite expensive and setting it up isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. It all boils down to subtle nuances, so you might want to look to someone who specializes in car performance enhancements and take your vehicle there. You see, changing your brake pads isn’t that complicated, but it depends on your current brake disc, brake housing and a few additional components to get the job done. Why take the risk?

The air intake is crucial

Well, the difference an improvement in the cold air intake area will make isn’t groundbreaking, but it does bring its own benefits. First, it increases the performance of your vehicle. Second, it keeps your engine clean, which is an easy, passive increase in your maintenance. The biggest factor and one that wins over the majority of people is the fact that this upgrade is both cheap and easy. In other words, you have moderate profits for a minimal investment, giving you an amazing ROI.

An incredible exhaust system

After all, the air has to get out the other way around too. So what you need is a flawless exhaust system. This is also one of those upgrades that you’re most likely to notice. Why? Well, because it changes the way your vehicle sounds. This is a reward in itself. Another thing to point out is the fact that vehicles tend to report a 5 percent fuel saving after upgrading their emissions system. All in all, this is definitely something worth investing in (it may even pay off).


Finally, you must consider that research could be the key to improving your vehicle’s performance. Before replacing a particular part, be sure to check how compatible it is with your vehicle. Read some user reviews to see if you really want to invest. When looking for people to do work on your vehicle, double check who you are dealing with and only trust seasoned veterans and respected professionals. The performance of your vehicle and your own driving experience are more than worth it.