How much money do you get for the big score?

How a lot cash do you get for the large rating?

The Large Rating is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s the sixth and closing heist mission carried out by the protagonists Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. It is usually the penultimate mission within the story. The participant steals a complete of $201,600,000 for the plain or $201,300,000 for the refined.

Are you able to rob a Fleeca Financial institution GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto On-line In GTA On-line, nevertheless, the Fleeca Financial institution department on the Nice Ocean Freeway is the principle goal throughout the Fleeca Job heist. Fleeca Banks on the map may be randomly chosen as areas for the professionals to rob throughout the ongoing heist.

What occurs while you select Deathwish in GTA 5?

As Franklin attracts the gun, Trevor will run for his life and the previous will chase after him. The 2 will find yourself again within the oil subject the place Trevor will encounter Michael and knock him out. At this level Franklin has two selections: kill Trevor or let his mentor do it.

Who do I kill in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V has three dramatically totally different endings, “Kill Trevor”, “Kill Michael” and “Deathwish”. This web page lists the occasions of all endings. After Michael, Franklin, and Trevor pull off a serious raid on the Union Depository, Franklin is visited by each Steve Haines and Devin Weston.

Why did Franklin kill Michael and Trevor?

As a result of it is a sport. They need you to have to decide on. Should you select the loss of life want, each survive.

How outdated is Trevor from GTA?

Trevor Phillips
age at loss of life 48
nationality Canadian
residence Sandy Shores, Blaine County Strawberry, Los Santos
household Mrs. Philips (mom) Ryan Philips (brother, deceased)

Ought to I kill Ortega?

trifles. Ortega is the third character that may be spared and killed at a later date, the opposite two are Clarence Little and Brian Jeremy. Nonetheless, he’s the one one which the participant kills in two totally different missions as a random encounter, and thus the one one which finally must be killed.

Are you able to get a GF in GTA 5?

You may’t try this in GTA 5; You may solely have girlfriends, however you may carry them to your home or hers.

Ought to I let my 11 12 months outdated play GTA 5?

Should you belief your youngster sufficient to not encroach into grownup realms and deliberately get into tremendous violent interactions, you will be high quality. General, GTA is a sport to depend on with good youngsters who know what’s greatest.

Ought to I let my 13 12 months outdated play GTA 5?

This sport is appropriate for all mature 13 12 months olds and older. The sport offers the participant the chance to turn out to be the CEO of an organization and cope with the “inventory market”, so it is a good alternative for instructing. Violence is equal or lower than Name of Responsibility or different related shooters.

Is Warzone okay for 12 12 months olds?

Good sport for youthful youngsters Should you play this sport with out customized settings, it is by no means appropriate for tweens and younger teenagers. I’ve discovered that the blood, the bruise, and the swearing may be averted. In contrast to different Name of Responsibility video games, there aren’t any useless our bodies mendacity round both.

Is GTA good for 14 12 months olds?

Any wholesome 14 12 months outdated (ninth grade) can play this sport. Nonetheless, violence one way or the other can’t be prevented, though the blood and gore is not any worse than most T-rated combating video games. Nonetheless, if you don’t entrust your youngster with this sport, this isn’t a sport for him/her.

how outdated is gta4

13 years