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What’s the definition of stratus in geography?

BSL Geography Glossary – Stratus Clouds – Definition

Definition: Stratus Clouds are low-lying thick clouds that cowl the sky and have a shallow base. Stratus clouds are typically darkish and produce rain.

What’s the definition of stratus in science?

Stratus clouds are Low-level clouds characterised by horizontal layering with a uniform base, versus convective or cumulative clouds fashioned by rising thermals. … The phrase stratus comes from the Latin prefix strato-, which implies “layer”.

What’s the definition of Stratus for youngsters?

Stratus clouds are flat clouds that kind at low altitudes. Nebula is a type of stratus cloud positioned close to the Earth’s floor. Stratus clouds kind when heat air with moisture rises into the Earth’s ambiance. Typically, all these clouds sign grey, drizzly days with not a lot sunshine.

What’s an instance of Stratus?

Fog is a stratus cloud in touch with the bottom. Fog is widespread in valleys on winter mornings as a consequence of nighttime radiation cooling and runoff.

What does stratus imply in Latin?

Stratus. From the Latin stratus, Previous partizip of the verb sternere, which implies to increase, unfold, flatten, cowl with a layer.

What does nimbus in clouds imply?

Definition of Nimbus

1a : a glowing steam, cloud, or ambiance a couple of god or goddess if on earth. b : a cloud or ambiance (as in romance) about an individual or factor. 2 : a touch (e.B. a circle) of radiant gentle or glory over the top of a drawn or fashioned deity, a saint or sovereign. 3a : a rain …

What’s one other phrase for stratus?

Stratus Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What’s one other phrase for stratus?
stratiform Altostratus
Cirrostratus Nimbostratus

Learn how to spell Stratus?

Noun, plural stra·ti [strey-tahy, strat-ahy]. a cloud of a category characterised by a grey, horizontal layer with a uniform base discovered at a decrease altitude than Altostratus, normally under 8,000 toes (2,400 meters).

What does Cumulus imply in Latin?

Definition of cumulus

1 : Heap, accumulation. 2 [New Latin, from Latin] : a dense swollen cloud form with a flat base and rounded outlines, usually piled up like a mountain – see cloud illustration.

Learn how to use Stratus in a sentence?

In a northwestern present, a stratus can kind on this valley and linger till effectively into the afternoon.. Low layers, accompanied by precipitation, drizzle and fog, as indicated within the forecasts, had been current on the route and within the mountain space. There have been low layer cloud covers and robust fog within the space of the incidence.

What’s the root phrase for stratus?

stratus (n.)

“a low cloudicht”, 1803, from the Latin stratus “a ramification”, from the usage of the noun of the previous participle of sternere “to unfold, to put, to stretch”, from nasalized type of PIE root *stere- “spreading.”

Is there a Nimbus cloud?

Nimbus clouds are clouds that produce precipitation that reaches the bottom within the type of rain, snow or hail. There are two forms of clouds, specifically cumulonimbus (cumulus clouds) and nimbostratus (stratus clouds).

Are stratus clouds thunderclouds?

Stratus clouds are uniform and flat, making a grey cloud layer that may be precipitation-free or trigger intervals of sunshine precipitation or drizzle. … A cumulus cloud that has vital vertical evolution (however is just not but a thunderstorm) is known as cumulus congestus, or towering cumulus.

What are the three forms of stratus clouds?

Stratus Cloud Variants

Stratus clouds have three assigned cloud variants: Opacus, Translucidus and Undulatus.

What sort of cloud is Nimbus?

Nimbo form

Howard has additionally a particular rain cloud class which mixed the three types Cumulo + Cirro + Stratus. He known as this cloud “nimbus,” the Latin phrase for rain. The overwhelming majority of precipitation comes from Nimbo clouds and subsequently these clouds have the best vertical elevation.

What are giant thunderclouds known as?

Cumulonimbus (from Latin cumulus, “heaped” and nimbus, “rainstorm”) is a dense, towering vertical cloud fashioned by water vapor carried upwards by sturdy air currents. When noticed throughout a storm, these clouds may be known as thunderstormheads.

How do you say cloud in Korean?

Translation: Cloud in Korean is 구름 (goo-reum).

The place does the identify Cumulus come from?

Cumulus clouds are clouds which have shallow bases and are sometimes described as “swollen,” “cotton-like,” or “fluffy.” Your identify derives from the Latin cumulo-, which implies heap or pile.

Is fog a nimbus cloud?

Nimbus is one other phrase related to clouds. Including “nimbus” signifies that precipitation falls out of the cloud.

What’s an ALTO cloud?

Altocumulus clouds are small medium layers or cloud spots, known as cloudlets, which mostly exist within the type of rounded lumps. … Altocumulus encompass a mix of ice and water, which supplies them a barely extra ethereal look than the big and fluffy cumulus on the decrease stage.

Which clouds seem like ponytails?

It is a kind of Cirrus Cloud, often called Cirrus uncinus. The identify is derived from Latin and means “curly hooks”. The clouds kind at very excessive altitudes, at a temperature of about −50 to −40 °C. They’re generally often called mare tails due to their resemblance to ponytails.

What’s the standing synonym?

standing, rank, rank, place, social place, station, stage, foot, place. Popularity, fame, estimation, stature. archaic state, diploma, report.

What’s one other identify for Cumulus?

What’s one other phrase for Cumulus?
Assortment Accumulation
Assembly Improve
Pileup Assortment
Improve LandfillingUS

What’s a synonym for Stratus Cloud?

  • shod.
  • overcast.
  • Haze.

Learn how to communicate Cumulus?

Learn how to pronounce Strato Cumulus?

What does the standing imply?

1a : Place or rank in relation to others the standing of a father. b : relative rank in a hierarchy of status above all: excessive status. 2 : the situation of an individual or factor within the eyes of the regulation. 3 : Standing or situation regarding the circumstances of the state of play of the negotiations.

What are clouds named after?

Most of our names for clouds come from Latin and are normally a mix of the next prefixes and suffixes: Stratus/strato: flat/layered and easy. Cumulus/Cumulo: piled up/swollen, like cauliflower. Cirrus/Cirro: excessive up/wispy.

What does nimbus imply in science?

nimbus Add to record Share. A nimbus is a luminous gentle that surrounds somebody or one thing. … There may be additionally a extra scientific kind of nimbus, a big, grey rain cloud. In Latin, nimbus merely means “Cloud,”, probably related to fog, “fog, steam or fog”.

What does the identify Nimbus imply?

The identify Nimbus is a boy’s identify that means “darkish cloud”. Nimbus is a phrase from nature for a kind of cloud that has been used often – very often – for a human. However it’s evocative and optimistic and positively makes an enchanting and trendy nature identify.

What’s the peak of a stratus cloud?

Stratus. Often types between the floor and a couple of,000 ft, however the cloud base may be as much as 4,000 toes. Thick stratus can produce vital rainfall, particularly in hilly or coastal areas, though in some circumstances this precipitation can fall from increased clouds comparable to nimbostratus.

What does a stratus cloud seem like?

Stratus Cloud usually seems like skinny, white leaves that cowl the entire sky. As a result of they’re so skinny, they not often produce a lot rain or snow. Typically, within the mountains or hills, these clouds appear to be fog. Cumulonimbus clouds develop on sizzling days when heat, moist air rises very excessive into the sky.

What climate do stratus clouds produce?

What climate is related to stratus clouds? Stratus is normally accompanied by little to no rain, however whether it is thick sufficient, it might probably produce gentle drizzle. This drizzle may also fall within the type of gentle snow whether it is chilly sufficient.

What’s the definition of thunder head?

: a rounded mass of cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds that usually happen earlier than a thunderstorm.

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What does the phrase STRATUS imply?

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What’s a Stratus Cloud?

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