What is the opposite of controversy?

What’s the reverse of quarrel?

Controversy. Antonyms: coincidence, unanimity, coincidence. Synonyms: quarrel, disagreement, quarrel, quarrel, argument, dispute, disputation, quarrel, bickering, query.

Why do folks keep away from controversial subjects?

Many individuals keep away from talking about controversial subjects out of worry or discomfort. I’m paid to learn, write, suppose and converse on points associated to race, class, gender, sexuality and faith. For me it’s regular, pure and necessary to speak about such subjects. I get pleasure from it.

What is taken into account controversial?

Controversial is used to explain somebody or one thing that causes folks to get upset and argue. Controversial is the adjective type of the noun controversy, which is a protracted dispute, debate, or state of dispute, particularly one which unfolds in public and entails a transparent distinction of opinion.

What are good arguments?


  • Schooling needs to be free for everybody.
  • Why are US residents turning into overweight?
  • Web entry is to be restricted to college students.
  • Younger folks will need to have the fitting to vote in the case of the army.
  • Each pupil will need to have the fitting to decide on solely these topics that curiosity him.

What are controversial points?

Controversial debate subjects

  • Animal testing needs to be banned.
  • The dying penalty is typically justified.
  • Ladies needs to be paid lower than males in some professions.
  • Assisted suicide needs to be legalized.
  • The voting age needs to be lowered to 16.
  • Smoking needs to be banned in every single place.
  • Prisoners needs to be allowed to vote.

How do you write a controversial subject?

Listed below are some necessary ideas for writing about controversial subjects:

  • Think about the issue.
  • Discover related knowledge to help, argue, and show your judgments.
  • Keep away from subjectivism, discover attainable criticism of your perspective.
  • Get somebody to critique your essay.
  • The introductory half have to be catchy.
  • principal physique.

How do you say controversy in Australia?

Break ‘controversy’ down into sounds: [KON] + [TRUH] + [VUR] + [SEE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds till you may persistently produce them. Report your self saying ‘controversy’ in full sentences, then watch your self and hear. You’ll be able to simply mark your errors.

How do you say tongue in British?

British information anchors are extra probably to make use of the BBC [O] for the primary syllables of phrases like: Tongue, Cash, Firm, One, Onion… the place most Brits would use a [V]. ie pronounce these phrases as “tung”, “munny”, “cumpany”, “wun”, “union”.

Will we pronounce g within the tongue?

The /g/ is a sound from the group of “consonant pairs” and is named “Voiced velar cease”. This implies utilizing the again of the tongue to dam the movement of air out of the throat. On this case, cease the movement of air between the center of the tongue and the highest of the mouth. …

What does thong imply?

1 : a strip of leather-based or fur particularly. 2: A sandal held on the foot by a strap that sits between the toes and connects to a strap throughout the highest or sides of the foot.

How do you say thong in Vietnamese?

[ 1 syll.

Why do some people pronounce the g in NG?

The pronunciation of /ŋg/, where Standard English uses only /ŋ/, is a common feature of many different variants of English. The reason is that in many languages [ŋ] seems solely as an allophone of /n/. This occurs when the /n/ precedes a velar consonant, akin to /ɡ/ or /okay/.