Which are the features of myths?

What are the traits of myths?

1. A fantasy is a narrative that’s, or was thought-about to be, a real rationalization of the pure world and its origin. 2. Characters are sometimes non-human and are usually gods, goddesses, supernatural beings, or mystical “Fist-men”.

What nationality had been Romeo and Juliet?


Who performed Romeo and Juliet first?

of Lord Chamberlain

Who’s Romeo 2’s finest pal?

Mercutio is the cousin of Prince Escalus and Rely Paris, and an in depth pal of Romeo and his cousin Benvolio. He helps and fights on the Montague aspect of the feud and like a Montague hates the Capulet household.

Who’s Mercutio’s household?

Created by William Shakespeare
Common data
belonging Romeo Benvolio Juliet
household Valentin (brother) Prince Escalus (uncle) Rely Paris

Is Paris Juliet’s cousin?

Rely Paris is a nobleman of Verona and the cousin of PRINCE ESCALUS and MERCUTIO. He’s in love with JULIET and is CAPULET’s alternative for her to marry.

What sort of character is Benvolio?

Benvolio is Lord Montague’s nephew and Romeo’s cousin. He’s often portrayed by Shakespeare as a sort and considerate individual making an attempt to maintain a watch out for his cousin. Benvolio spends most of Act I making an attempt to distract his cousin from his infatuation with Rosaline, however after Mercutio’s first look in I.

How is Tybalt characterised?

Tybalt Capulet is Juliet’s cousin. Extraordinarily feisty, he enjoys the battle between the Montagues and his household. He’s strong-willed, argumentative, passionate and constant.

Is Benvolio short-tempered?

In actuality, Benvolio is simply as hot-headed as Mercutio and has about the identical variety of fights below his belt. Originally of the scene, Mercutio accuses Benvolio of being argumentative and short-tempered.

How does Romeo describe Rosaline?

He describes her as splendidly stunning: “The all-seeing solar / ne’er has seen her match because the world started.” Nevertheless, Rosaline chooses to stay chaste; Romeo says, “She swore to like, and in that vow / I stay lifeless that stay to inform now.” That is the supply of his melancholy, and he makes his…